You can now track your Apple passwords in Windows

You can now track your Apple passwords in Windows

iCloud for Windows is the name of a service that allows Apple users to access, among other things, photos, videos, emails, files, and bookmarks on the Windows platform. Now the service has been updated with a new and somewhat useful feature.

Among other things Engadget I noticed that the latest version 12.5 of iCloud for Windows comes with its own password service, which means that you can now manage your iCloud passwords from Windows.

icloud passwords

The new feature comes in the form of a separate app called icloud passwords, which you get with iCloud for Windows, and by logging into it you can add, edit, copy, paste, delete and check all the web passwords you have stored in the iCloud keychain.

You can access the app from the Start menu and you can make all the password changes you want, and those changes will then be synced to your Apple devices. You can find more details about how to handle Windows passwords from Windows This page.

You can read more about how to set up iCloud password on Windows she has. You simply have to sign into iCloud for the Windows app using two-step verification, and you must have iOS 14, IpadOS 14, macOS Big Sur 11 or later installed on the device receiving the security code.

Browser add-ons already exist

Interested readers may have realized that there is actually a browser extension called iCloud Passwords, which was released for Chrome earlier this year As part of the iCloud service for Windows. The add-on allows the user to use passwords created in the Safari browser on Apple devices with the Chrome browser on Windows devices.

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This functionality has been available since the 12th version of iCloud for Windows, but with the new 12.5 update, Apple has also added support for cross-device password syncing for Microsoft’s Edge browser.

The Icloud Passwords to Chrome extension has received a very mixed reception among users, Which can be read from the reviews on the Chrome Web Store.

iCloud for Windows can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.

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