You can now watch Snøfall 2 in HDR

You can now watch Snøfall 2 in HDR

This year’s Christmas calendar at NRK is a reunion with magical and mysterious snowfall. The series was a huge hit with viewers in 2016 when it brought together all of Norway and impressed both children and adults.

Now the second season has begun, and we are proud of it Snow falling 2 It is NRK’s ​​first drama production available in HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Soon, “Ei isklad verd” will also be available in HDR format on NRKTV.

Soon, the fascinating documentary series “Ei iskald verd” (The Frozen Planet) from the BBC will also be available in HDR on NRK TV.

HDR means sharper images, with more and richer colours. The contrast in the image is greater, and the highlights are beautiful and detailed. HDR has been available through global streaming services for some time, and now NRK is one of the first European broadcasters to offer this quality.

Modern mobile phones, tablets and TVs can display better picture quality than NRK and other broadcasters have been able to offer so far. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on improving the technical quality of TV production, to give you sharper TV pictures with more colors and higher dynamics.

If you want to be among the first to enjoy higher picture quality than NRK, you should use the NRK TV app on a device or TV that supports HDR. To check if HDR works with your devices, you can search for «HDR checks» On NRK TV. You will then find a short video showing whether your device is ready or not.

advice: Favorite Tag ★ HDR checks when you log in to NRK TV to easily find it again on other devices.

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How can you watch HDR content from NRK?

For several years, NRK has worked to facilitate better image quality for audiences. Since 2014, many of our cameras have recorded in HDR, but we have never had the opportunity to deliver images of this quality to the public.

Now we can, and if you have a TV running Android TV (Sony, Philips, etc.) or webOS (LG), you can be among those who have the opportunity to watch HDR from NRK. HDR is also available for a streaming box with Android TV, or Apple TV 4K, connected to any HDR-enabled TV.

NRK distributes content on a number of different platforms, and getting it up to support modern formats is an extensive undertaking. HDR support will come on more platforms later.

On the help page We go into more detail about which platforms and devices support HDR, and how we recommend adjusting settings on them.

HDR is available on content that can be selected in the NRK TV app, not live-streamed programmes. Work on applying HDR to live streaming is already underway, and we will likely experiment with distributing HDR content to some live streams during 2024.

What can you see in HDR?

NRK published some HDR software that was limited in availability. There is now wider support available and there will be new content in this HDR quality at regular intervals. The software available at launch is:

What about 4K?

Through extensive blind testing, NRK has verified what matters most for superior image quality. Our findings show that we should prioritize better color and contrast (HDR) over a higher number of pixels (resolution known as 4K or UHD).

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The vast majority of testers preferred high-contrast HDR video over the limited contrast that SDR video can offer, regardless of resolution.

Your opinion matters to us, so we encourage you to share your questions and feedback in the comments section below. Your opinions help us improve our content and tailor it to your needs – we look forward to hearing from you!

Note: For the smarter ones: NRK uses HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) and the ITU-R BT.2100 standard for production and distribution.

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