February 3, 2023


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Ekspedisjon i Antarktis

You Can Pull Sledge to the South Pole – NRK Urix – Overseas News & Documentaries

The invitation has been released Sent by the Antarctic Heritage Trust in New Zealand. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole.

– Aimed at marking the anniversary of the eminent polar explorer, and o Encourage young people to challenge themselves on what they can and can achieve NRK to Nigel Watson, Director of the Antarctic Heritage Foundation.

Geography The destination of the South Pole expedition.

Photo: Eivind Molde / NRK

– It can be serious

He sees participants under the age of 35 as primary and important.

– We would like to bring together a team from Norway and New Zealand who will embark on a journey in the spirit of Amundsen, who can work diligently on difficult challenges, who work well together and want to share with others what they enjoy.

Nigel Watson, Antarctic Heritage Foundation

Nigel Watson, Antarctic Heritage Foundation.

Photo: Keith Parsons / Antarctic Heritage Trust

This is the sixth trip known as the Inspiring Explorers Expedition. The journey to the South Pole will be a very challenging one, says Watson.

– It can be serious. There will be at least 40 days in the snow, where we will make our way to the pole through challenging terrain. The temperature will drop to minus 40.

Arrive at the South Pole

Coming to the polar point is awesome. The film shows a voyage to the end of 2011, 100 years after Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole. We see very close to the sphere located at the place called the “formal South Pole”.

Photo: Eivind Molde / NRK

A classic route to the South Pole

The trip will take place from November to January 2023 this year. It will work together Ousland Explorers And Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (ALE).

After being taken from the Punta Arena in Chile to the Union Glacier site in Antarctica, the journey begins when participants are on a large iceberg, the Ron Ice Shelf, deep in the Wadala Sea.

The head of the Expedition is the experienced polar explorer Peng Rodmo.

– This is one-third Classic routes to the South Pole. We head inland on the frozen continent in a southwesterly direction. We follow Foundation Ice Stream, It is very dangerous to cross due to cracks and the snow moves quickly here. After 300 kilometers we cross the Foundation and head straight south, Rodmo says.

What does this trip offer in terms of challenges and experiences?

Participants must deal with cold and wind. Rodmo says they will have a lifetime of experience and become part of a team that will have a unique and unique experience that they will never forget.

There are plans to make a TV documentary from this trip Antarctic Heritage Foundation.

Bengt Rotmo, Ousland Explorers

Travel Leader Pent Rodmo.

Photo: Ousland Explorers

Preserve cultural heritage

The Antarctic Heritage Foundation has been doing extensive work to preserve and restore cultural heritage in Antarctica. Under the patronage of Robert Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Carsten Porschevink, it applies primarily to rooms and materials used in connection with travel in the area.

Through a program called Inspiring Explorers, new generations will be encouraged to follow in the footsteps of the old polar heroes.

– e.g. Was in contact with Antarctic Heritage Foundation Because they were with Finmarksvita ten years ago. After this we were together across the North Pole and Greenland, winning Rodmo.

And he adds:

They have the personal pleasure of preserving our history in Antarctica. It means they do this In a very professional way, and we are proud to be a part of this team.

Inside the hut of Ernest Shackleton in Antarctica

Interior of a room used by the British Ernest Shackleton during the Nimrod voyage (1907-1909). The cabin is located in Cape Royts, Antarctica, and is one of several rooms reclaimed by the Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Photo: Antarctic Heritage Foundation

Nigel Watson of the Antarctic Heritage Foundation says:

– If young people gain knowledge of how vulnerable Antarctica is and are well acquainted with the incredible tradition of many polar explorers who have explored the area, they will greatly appreciate it and be motivated to protect this area.

Ritual South Pole

The “ceremonial South Pole” with the flags of the 12 countries that signed the 1959 Antarctic Treaty. This point is geographically close to the South Pole – some ten meters from the Amundsen-Scott site (USA).

Photo: Eivind Molde / NRK

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