– You don’t want to try it again – VG

- You don't want to try it again - VG
The Forgotten Book: Amelie Yoel wants to put the Olympics into oblivion, but at the same time she thinks the downturn in Tokyo can give her useful lessons. Photo from when I jumped in the semi-finals in the 400-meter hurdles.

ZÜRICH (VG) Amalie Iuel (27) admits that it has been difficult for her to travel home from Tokyo “almost with a tweak and a jump start” after five years of Olympic preparation.


Plus, I was in great shape and was looking forward to showing what I was good at, so I came home with almost a tweak and a false start. It was a huge defeat and a huge disappointment. It’s not something I want to try again, says Norway’s best female athlete in the long hurdle of Olympic retreat.

Amalie Yuel sat down The Norwegian scored 54.72 at the World Athletics Championships in Doha two years ago. She’s trained with world record holder Karsten Warholm since before the 2016 Rio Olympics. When she really had to go “everything” in Tokyo five weeks ago, this happened in the semi-finals:

– I had a very good warm-up, my head was where it should be. It was a week of revenge in the heat of the trial. I was going to go all out. Then everything went into the aquarium. I wish I could blame something else, she answers the question if it was something other than what happened there and that was what was causing an error.

She adds that she thought the Lord, so what happened now? She’s always been the first to say, jump 400m – you don’t get anything for it.

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– When (the trial judge) said I could run during a demonstration, I couldn’t think “Well, that’s it now, forget about it and back again.” When the shot was fired for the second time, I had so many ideas in my head that I couldn’t collect them. Then it really turned on, Amelie Lowell explains.

Last Sunday, she ran the 400m hurdles at 55.13 – her fourth best time – during a competition in Poland. Thursday night I ran the 400m without hurdles here in Zurich, Friday afternoon at the same time NM I Kristiansand – Before leaving immediately for Berlin with Karsten Warholm and coach Liv Olaf Alnes.

On Sunday, she is scheduled to run the 400m flat for the third time in four days at the Olympic Stadium in the German capital.

With that, I participated four times this week. Before the Olympics, she started in two competitions, because then she was not ready to compete. When asked if it would be dangerous to squeeze twice that number in eight days now, she replied that it’s definitely not the best thing in terms of NM.

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And that it’s a “challenge,” a challenge you’ll see if you tackle it.

– It will be interesting to see if I can threaten the guy (personal record 400 flat: 51.81) who has held off since (March) 2017. Not my plan to drop 400m hurdles, but it’s been a long time since I’ve given 400 flats a proper try, as you say.

Perched on a sofa at the Diamond League athletes’ hotel in Zurich, she answers more questions about whether she feels obligated to be supported. The Warholm Project is on its way to the Olympic Golden Goal – And if it’s her turn next year?

She answered no to the former, emphasizing that she feels very privileged to be part of “Team Warholm” – it’s great – because people are lining up to be a part of it.

It can be fun like this:

In that context, she thinks it would have been good for her to be able to take part in Warholm’s final preparations for her races in Tokyo, the day after her departure.

– You helped me not go downstairs, she says.

As for next year, she hopes to be able to compete in the European Championships in Munich.

– Most people want to be in good shape for the restroom, which comes after the EC – and maybe a little lively there, she says given the supposed best in the EC.

– It is unrealistic to think of a medal in the World Cup, she says on her part.

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