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Smedas cheered as she won as she crossed the finish line, and it was clear that the NM bronze meant a lot to the 26-year-old. In his medal interview with NRK after the race, crying Smedås had to take several breaks.

– Today is exactly six months since my dad’s accident, and that’s the big target for the season – three thousand. I spoke a bit with Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget yesterday to try to get some inspiration, she tells NRK.

Five-mile winner: Martin Løwstrøm Nyenget won five-mile at Holmenkollen two weeks after his father’s death.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Earlier in March Ninjit won 5 miles at Holmenkollen just two weeks after losing his father. The two are club friends at Lillehammer Ski Club.

– He went well after losing his father, while I feel that I could not use him in the same way. I received some good advice from him and decided that today I am torturing myself that I should go to my father, says Smedas.

In the third and fourth rounds, I imagined him pushing me up the slopes. Then I felt that I had superpowers. I flew on skis today.

NM on skis in Harstad

Witt Hint: It was a tearful encounter between the three men, Therese Juhoge and Magni Smedas.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Johog: – Crazy achievement

Smedas ranked third in all crossing points. For a long time it looked like 20-year-old Margaret Bergan was unapproachable in the silver game, but after a mock finish, Smedås was only 3.4 seconds behind in the finish.

In the gold match, there wasn’t much to do with Therese Gohaug. She won 3.50.9 minutes for Bergen and 3.54.3 against Smedas, but the cross-country queen was hard hit by a three-man lead.

– It’s a crazy feat that Magni delivers. None of us can understand how I felt in the fall and winter, she says.

– To stand in it, train and take care of the fun of sports. Johog says she knows what her father wanted her to do, no one deserves that bronze medal more than her.

I dreamed of a father

Smedas says she dreamed about her father three miles ago.

– I dreamed of my father last night, and all day I felt that he was with me. I’m incredibly proud of myself – to the point that I got to this day. It’s so much fun with the double Dalsbygda on the podium, says Smedos.

– It’s a wonderful, very nice day.

In the goal area, Smedas got a long hug from coach Marthe Kristofferson. The former national team runner was impressed by Smedas’ strength at the end of the three-mile run.

I have had a difficult autumn and a whole year marked by a lot of pain. I’m a fan. What you did in the last round is fierce, Kristofferson tells NTB.

– There were many tears. It deserves to have some positive experiences. I’m so proud of her, because she works really hard.

NM on skis in Harstad

Bronze jewelry: Magni Smedås took the bronze. Six months ago, his father, Inge Morten, died after a traffic accident.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Johaug enjoyed his last three miles in NM

Although she was the fastest out of the way, Gohoge says she didn’t feel lonely on the track.

– cI had many struts to catch up with the girls. I had fun along the way and tried to enjoy the last three miles in the National Championships, she tells NRK.

NM on skis in Harstad

The only queen: Thérèse Juhaug

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

What is behind the victory?

There are many years of bank training which I get as I get older. She says nothing came of its own accord.

It should be noted that many of the best runners were not initially in Harstad. There were neither Heidi Wing nor Odnis Wing twins. Mart Skanes, who finished eighth became the second best Norwegian in the three-mile Holmenkollen race, had to break early due to a lock in the back.

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