– You have been a nightmare for the United States for the past three years – Dagsavisen

– You have been a nightmare for the United States for the past three years – Dagsavisen

Joe Biden said during an election event in Las Vegas, the swing state of Nevada, at the weekend: “You are the reason we will make Donald Trump a loser again,” according to media outlets. Letters of News And The hill.

– We have to win the House of Representatives, and at the same time maintain the White House and the (majority) in the Senate. If we do that, we can say we saved American democracy.

Refers to Biden's “misery.”

Biden warned of the consequences if his rival Trump wins. The former president is likely to be Biden's Republican rival in the presidential elections scheduled in the United States on November 5. A Trump victory is the president's worst-case scenario.

– Biden said: One can only imagine Donald Trump's nightmare.

Trump spokesman Stephen Cheung was quick to respond.

Joe Biden has been a nightmare for the United States over the past three years. Cheung said, according to ABC News, that Americans will never forget all the misery he caused them.

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Trump expert verdict

Writer, presenter and musician Thomas Seltzer, who is preparing a new season of the popular series UXA on NRK before the US elections, had previously warned of the consequences of Trump's victory.

– If Donald Trump wins, it will be the end of true democracy in the United States of America. Republicans are no longer a regular conservative party, but more of an anti-democratic movement. People have to realize that. Republicans have been in the minority for generations, and now they're fed up with it. This is their chance to eliminate democracy in the United States once and for all, Seltzer told Dagsavisen this fall.

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Capitol Hill

Historian and expert in the United States of America, Hans Olaf Lahloumi, does not have the same opinion.

– I do not think that Trump's election victory will be a “hook on the door” for democracy in the United States, because the United States has very well-established institutions. But if he wins, it will still be a litmus test for the United States. Both at the local level, but also in terms of international cooperation, with NATO and the like, Lahloumi told Dagsavisen before Christmas.

– I think the ultimate nightmare for Democrats is for Donald Trump to become the Republican nominee and win. At the same time, Democrats have a better chance of achieving another electoral victory if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, the historian said.

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(FILES) US President Joe Biden is reflected in the sunglasses of an attendee as he talks about his agenda on the economy at Tioga Naval Station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on October 13, 2023. President Joe Biden will have a tough job for him if the goal is to win over some middle-class voters Workers who voted for Donald Trump in the last election.  White working-class voters — those without higher education — made up at least 42% of the total electorate in 2020, according to Pew Research Center research.  (Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP)
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