– You have good feelings – VG

– You have good feelings – VG

Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez is vacationing in Norway and visiting her Norwegian friend Natasia Malthe. – I just love her so much, the star tells VG.


American Michelle Rodriguez (43 years old), known among other things from the films “Fast & Furious”, “Avatar” and the TV series “Lost”, has been in Norway recently.

VG meets Hollywood star Roseslottet at Frognerseteren in Oslo on Sunday afternoon.

Rodriguez says she has been in the country for four days, and came to Oslo on Sunday – from Sunnmøre, where she is according to More Net It has been at Trandal and Sæbø places.

– I was in Italy, but I needed more peace and quiet, and then there is nothing better than nature in Norway in the summer in my opinion. This is the first time I’ve had a little Norwegian summer, says the representative who is in the country for the fourth time.

– You have good feelings. Norway is a good place to escape to, from the rest of the world and the madness in it. very mountains… healing. There were rainbows every day. Beautiful and majestic.

– even in love with her

Rodriguez visits fellow Norwegian in Hollywood Natasia Malthe (47), who now lives in Oslo.

– I’ve known her here for 18 years, says Rodriguez, and nodded at Malth.

– she’s like a sister to me! Maybe we see each other every two years.

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– What do you have in common?

– Malthey suggests we have brown hair.

– Yes!!! That’s it, Secretary Rodriguez.

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– I do not have much in common with Natasia, I just like her very much. She is a lovable person with a big heart. She was always there for me when I needed her.

Malth says she’s trying to get her friend to buy a cabin in Norway — and Rodriguez says she’s no stranger to the idea.

You won’t play “whore”

Malthe began studying at Westerdals, and says Rodriguez has just given her a computer and equipment that will do the job when she invests in Malthe as a filmmaker.

– I think I retired before you started making movies, Rodriguez chuckles.

Malth praises Rodriguez for always saying no to managers and projects that don’t show enough respect for women.

– I mean, who wants to play the role of a prostitute? Who wants to play a stripper? Not interested, Rodriguez snores.

– very impressed

At Roseslottet, artist Vebjørn Sand (55), who is behind the installation, toured.

There, Rodriguez was able to see Sand’s paintings dealing with, among other things, the struggle of the Norwegian Women of the Resistance during World War II, and a number of other works centered around the Holocaust.

– I took the opportunity to come here and get to know this artist, whom I heard is wonderful. He has a big heart. I am so surprised. His art makes you think. And I like to think a little bit now and then. Especially when it comes to humanity, knowing that evil exists and can happen anywhere.

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World star to Castle of Roses: Artist Viburne Sand gave American actresses Michelle Rodriguez (right) and Norwegian Natassia Malthe a tour.

According to Rodriguez, she finished filming “Dungeons & Dragons” in Northern Ireland three weeks ago, an act that took a heavy toll. Among other things, due to the group’s strict infection control measures.

– I am very happy with my achievement, after four months! Norway is the most natural place I’ve been in the past six months, she says, and she’s bragging about managing the pandemic here.

– Don’t leave your house! There’s a cocoon outside, she laughs.

Entertainment Weekly He referred to Michelle Rodriguez in 2013 as “without a doubt one of the most recognizable actors in the movement genre”.

Rodriguez is known for being an outspoken rebel and doesn’t refuse to deal with Hollywood’s most powerful films. When she was 38, she threatened in 2017 to quit the “Fast & Furious” concept. If you haven’t heard from the producers and movie company Universal Pictures.

Then the actor criticized the concept of misogyny:

– I hope they decide to show some love to the women in the franchise in the next movie. If not, he may also deposit a beloved franchise. It has been an amazing journey and I am grateful for the opportunity the fans and the film studio have given me over the years,” Rodriguez wrote in Instagram posts.

However, she chose to continue.

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