You may lose your buttocks after fear surgery

You may lose your buttocks after fear surgery

Two years ago, the Swedish lady visited a beauty clinic in Stockholm.

Swedish news agency Sirin says she now risks removing parts of her buttocks express.

The reason is that a controversial treatment has been used when enlarging the torso. The type of treatment is not specified.

This ended with the woman suffering from a number of infections in the buttocks.

According to a complaint responded to the Norwegian Medicines Agency, Läkemedelsverket, it appears that the woman sought help from the clinic when an infection occurred.

The clinic tried to remove the medication that was injected into the buttocks, but to no avail.

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Right in the emergency room

Two months later, the woman ended up in the emergency room of a Stockholm hospital, Expressen writes.

The chief of the hospital’s emergency surgery department was the one who filed the complaint with the Medicinal Products Agency.

Here the president writes that the remnants of her ass injection leaked out of her buttocks, and that she had to be treated with antibiotics.

The chief called a surgeon in the hospital’s plastic surgery department to ask for help.

According to Expressen, the complaint states that the surgeon refused to treat the woman.

The plastic surgeon is said to have explained this by saying that the hospital would be “overwhelmed with patients with complications of private plastic surgery”.

medical oblivion

The woman’s condition worsened, and in the end I had to drug her.

What the chief calls a “rinse and scrape” was performed for the affected area of ​​the buttocks.

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After the operation, the woman was put on several doses of antibiotics.

The president writes that the woman has recommended a “major surgery”, in which parts of the buttocks are removed.

– It should be checked

The president writes that the woman has ended up in a medical predicament, since she herself will have to pay for the operation.

In the complaint, the president comes with a clear letter to the cosmetic clinics that inject the patient with the drug:

The drug has been banned in the United States since 2015, and should be banned in the European Union. Clinics that challenge this widespread knowledge and that use treatment should be closely examined.

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