You must have a Corona passport to buy alcohol and cannabis – now people queue for vaccines – VG

You must have a Corona passport to buy alcohol and cannabis - now people queue for vaccines - VG
horoscope vaccine. People queued up to receive the coronavirus vaccine in Montreal on Tuesday, January 4th.

Corona vaccine appointments increased to 6000 after Quebec authorities announced that people should have vaccine passports to shop in liquor stores and cannabis outlets.


Already hours after the announcement, the dates for vaccination against Corona increased. Vaccine appointments, which averaged 1,500, increased to 6,000 on Thursday, the newspaper wrote Montreal Gazette.

Thank you to everyone who decided to take the Corona vaccine. It’s never too late to take your first dose. Protect yourself, Health Minister Christian Dube wrote on Twitter on Friday.

Starting Tuesday, January 18, residents of the Canadian province of Quebec must have vaccination passports for shopping at liquor stores and cannabis sales. This was announced by the Minister of Health of Quebec last Thursday.

According to Dube, half of the hospitalized Corona patients in Quebec are not immunized. Only 10% of the Canadian province’s population has not been vaccinated.

Quebec reported an increase of 118 hospitalizations on Monday. The total number of hospital admissions is 2554, writes the TV channel CTV Montreal.

The reason authorities are asking for vaccine permits to shop in these stores is the increase in cases of infection, especially of the omicron type. In the long term, Corona passports will also be required for other non-essential services, but the health minister has not specified when or where this will become effective.

proof. People protest against authorities’ restrictions over the coronavirus in Montreal on Saturday, January 8th.

New procedures on Monday

The authorities imposed a curfew on December 30 last year. The curfew lasts from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. The county has also closed bars, gyms and indoor restaurants in restaurants.

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On Monday next week, the county will ease some restrictions. According to the plan, primary and secondary schools and educational institutions will resume physical education.

Health Minister Dube said the curfew decision will be issued soon:

– It’s January 10, and there’s still a week left. We’ll reconsider what we’re going to do until January 17th, Dubey told the radio channel 98.5 FM.

Gate blocking. Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube.

People who break the curfew risk fines of up to 41,300 kroner.

The county also imposed a curfew from January to May last year to slow the growth of infections when the delta variant went into effect. NTB writes that there has not been a curfew of this magnitude in Canada since the outbreak of the Spanish Flu a hundred years ago, according to historians.

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