You must know this before opening the Oslo Stock Exchange

You must know this before opening the Oslo Stock Exchange

This is a 1.01 percent drop since the start on the Oslo Stock Exchange, according to data from IG Trading. Roger Berntsen, an analyst at Nordent, believes the main index will open at 0.4 percent or within a period of time [-0,6, -0,2] percent.


Oil prices fell on Tuesday morning, with burnt oil down 0.52% to $79.07. West Texas Intermediate crude fell 0.45 percent to $75.90.

By comparison, the price of a barrel of North Sea oil was $79.30 at the close of the Oslo Stock Exchange on Monday.

A source in the Biden administration who spoke to Reuters, said Tuesday morning, that the US Department of Energy is expected to announce an oil loan from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) on Tuesday in coordination with other countries.

Plans may change, but the United States is considering releasing more than 35 million barrels over time, Bloomberg reports.

Under an SPR loan agreement, oil companies take the crude oil, but have to return it, or the refined product, plus interest. She signed a loan agreement several times, most recently in September after Hurricane Ida.


Shanghai boat In China, it strengthened by 0.21 percent, Hang Seng In Hong Kong, on the other hand, it decreased by 1.13 percent, while Cosby In South Korea, it fell 0.50 percent.

Sensex In India by 0.06 per cent, S & P / ASX 200While the index in Australia rose 0.78 per cent Straits Times In Singapore it fell by 0.05 percent.

Markets in Japan are closed for holidays.

Wall Street

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On the macroeconomic front, the PMI numbers are trading at 15.45 Norwegian time.

Two of Wall Street’s three major indexes closed in the red on Monday.

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.07 percent to 3,5625.65 Monday.
  • The broad S&P 500 index fell 0.31 percent to 4,683.23.
  • The Nasdaq Technology Index was the loser yesterday and fell 1.26 percent to 15,854.76.

Several FAANG stocks caused the Nasdaq to fall. Netflix fell 2.89 percent, Amazon 2.83 percent, Google 1.96 percent, while Facebook closed down 1.24 percent. On the other hand, Apple rose 0.29 percent.

main index

Three companies are providing numbers today: BW Energy, BW Offshore and Mime Petroleum. Other than that, Webstep and Crayon hold an extraordinary general meeting, while Orkla holds a capital market day.

On Monday, the main index closed at 1,225.92, up 0.26 percent, and shares were trading for NOK 5.8 billion.

Arctic Securities raised its target price in IDEX Biometric . Those analyzing the numbers believe that many orders in the fourth quarter, especially from China, bank launches in 2022 and positive feedback from the GDP release could act as price catalysts. The stock rose 11.2 percent on Monday.

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