“You must stop all violence”: US threatens Taliban with airstrikes

“You must stop all violence”
The United States is threatening the Taliban with airstrikes

The last bandwagon players have left Afghanistan. The withdrawal of the US military is also underway. The Taliban are filling the power vacuum and seizing more and more territory. But at the end of the trip, the US did not want to accept it: they were threatening the Islamists with airstrikes.

The commander of the remaining US forces in Afghanistan has threatened the advancing Taliban with airstrikes. “I do not want to see airstrikes, but you must stop all violence to avoid airstrikes,” General Scott Miller told reporters in Kabul. The Islamists must stop their offensive in numerous Afghan provinces.

Since the United States began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan in early May, fighting has escalated significantly, especially in rural areas. According to their own reports, the Taliban have captured more than 100 of the country’s 400 districts. Such claims by the Taliban are often denied by government officials and are difficult to verify.

According to experts, a major reason for the Islamists’ military victory is the lack of US air support for Afghan ground forces. According to General Miller, the rest of the U.S. military in Hindu Kush has the capability to launch airstrikes against the rebels.

Worry about the fall of Kabul

The U.S. commander acknowledged that the loss of territory by Afghan government troops had a negative impact on Hindu Kush’s public security. The Taliban recently captured an important border crossing with Tajikistan in the northern and other districts around the strategically important Kunduz. They now surround almost all major cities in the country.

US President Joe Biden has announced a full withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by September 11. The withdrawal of NATO troops has been going on since the end of April. Observers fear the Taliban could later seize the capital, Kabul.

Bundeswehr completed his mission in Afghanistan, which began nearly 20 years ago. The last remaining German soldiers of NATO mission “Result Support” were evacuated by the Air Force at 9:24 pm from a field camp in Mazar-i-Sharif. Soldiers from the Special Forces Command (KSK) in northern Afghanistan were also on board to protect the camp. The players are expected to land in Germany on Wednesday.

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