You should stay away from these Apple products

You should stay away from these Apple products

Apple is still selling a number of Lightning products after making the entire iPad USB C line compatible with the launch of new boards and the elimination of the iPad 9.

Headphones that are four years old

You might think that only accessories are still using the 12-year-old standard from 2012, but the AirPods Max aren't gone yet. Apple's expensive headphones were launched in December 2020 and have not been updated with the latest audio technology. Apple charges NOK 6,490 for the four-year-old product. There have long been vague rumors about a new model, and we're guessing it will happen this year. In this case, the timing would be very good as Sonos will launch its first flagship, the Ace, next month.

But back to the products that will be a drag for you if the rest of your ecosystem is USB C. Many of them come with your Mac and you may not want to upgrade just yet, but if you can never find a single Lightning cable, the inconvenience can be Big enough to buy something else (or wait) even if it's a little expensive.

These are the products that contain Lightning:

  • 2nd generation (NOK 1,690) and 3rd generation wired AirPods (NOK 2,190)
  • AirPods Max – NOK 6,490
  • Apple Pencil 1st generation – NOK 1,399
  • Magic Keyboard – 1199 NOK
  • Magic Mouse – NOK 949
  • Magic Trackpad – NOK 1,499

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