You want architecture in the school bag

You want architecture in the school bag

The Cultural School Bag (DKS) is a national scheme that ensures that school students across the country experience professional art and culture every year. Artists, writers, and musicians travel from school to school, performing and arranging workshops and presentations.

Now Kulturtanken, the agency that was responsible for DKS, will now have architecture in the schoolbag, in collaboration with Rom for kunst og arkitektur and arkitektforening (TAF) from Trondhjem.

The cultural school bag has a unique opportunity to be the first encounter with art and cultural expression. Architecture is something we get attached to all the time, and it has a huge impact on our lives. To be able to share and develop first ideas about this, I see it as a very valuable opportunity, says Kyrre Bjørkås, who is responsible for visual art at Kulturtanken and is himself a trained visual artist.

Workshops and manufacturing

Kulturtanken has now commissioned Rom and TAF to arrange the DKS-Lab, a five-day “lab” where the goal is to develop projects that can give children and young adults insight into architecture, design and site development. The goal of the project is to come up with products that can be used in DKS, travel around the country and give school students a greater understanding of architecture and design.

“This is in many ways a major investment in architecture and design publishing for children and young adults, and an opportunity for architects and designers to highlight issues and gain perspective from children and young adults on what they are doing,” says Trygve Ohren, Rom Officer and Project Manager at DKS-Lab.

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Oren envisions the program could be anything from workshops where you investigate a spatial object to conversations where you imagine the importance of urban development. It is important for children to understand that their perspective on these things is valuable.

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