You won’t be the last to jump from oil to renewable industries

You won't be the last to jump from oil to renewable industries

Renowned energy analyst Thena Saltvedt, on her behalf, has made the leap from oil and gas to become a senior advisor on sustainable finance at Nordea. The personal shift is perhaps a good example of what is interesting when economists give advice on where the money should be put in the coming years.

Especially when the new tax regime comes into force after 2022, when those who invest in new oil and gas projects must take on more risks on their own, it may turn out that the willingness to invest will be much lower. It is not at all clear that projects that come into production in 10 to 15 years will be as profitable as they have been so far. They are likely to be triggered when consumption is low and beyond to be charged with higher CO2Expenses.

Efficiency and workforce

Such projects should be viewed in the context of lower prices for renewables such as solar and wind energy and with batteries that can store energy cheaply.

If we are to succeed, Saltvedt believes we must arrange for new industries to access skills and workforce. This means that we must be careful about providing support to those industries that have no future ahead. It can be a difficult change for many and place demands on both organizations and authorities.

She also believes Norway should take a look at its northern neighbors and how they have coped with the need to create a more circular economy. Saltvedt thinks we’re far from bad, but we’re not in the lead, and that must be as we aspire to be.

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