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Subscription terms

Contracting parties:

These terms apply between the buyer/subscriber and the seller HARAMSNYTT AS, Skjelt Ole-bakken 24, 6270 BRATTVÅG reg.no. 979647972

Customer Center Phone. 70 20 84 80 or email: [email protected]

These Subscription Terms apply to everyone who subscribes to Seller’s paper and/or digital products and services. The Terms and Conditions may change without further notice, but in the event of significant changes, you will be required to read and accept the Terms again.

As a subscriber, you must ensure that the newspaper has the correct contact information for you at all times.

The price of online goods and services is the total price that the buyer must pay. Prices for the various subscriptions can be found under “Subscription”. Avisa reserves the right to change the prices of the current subscription at any time. Subscription prices can be modified and new prices will appear on the websites. For an individual subscriber, new rates apply from and include the start date of the next subscription period.

the product:
The product consists of the Nordre electronic newspaper that can be read on a computer, tablet or mobile phone, and the nordrenett.no website with all the contents. The product can also have the paper newspaper printed and delivered to a PO Box if requested.

Nordre can offer different subscriptions;

With a full subscription, you can access all content digitally (PC, mobile and tablet) with e-newspapers and bonus cases. In addition, the paper newspaper is delivered to the registered address. You can transfer the subscription to a new permanent address or to a vacation address. Some deliveries to a temporary address may incur a fee. Pause is not added.

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Subscription gives access to all digital content (PC, mobile and tablet) with nordrenett.no’s plus e-newspaper and cases.

young man:
UNG is a subscription for you under the age of 34 and can be ordered as a full and digital subscription. After the age of 34, the subscription is automatically changed to a regular subscription and at the regular price.

The subscription is paid in advance and continues until it is canceled or the bill is not paid. Thus, the seller demands payment from the time the purchase is completed. The buyer gets access to the product instantly.

Upon termination, the subscription expires for the period you paid for, but then it is discontinued. In the event of a promotional purchase, the subscription will automatically change to a regular subscription and at the regular price, unless the cancellation is received no later than three days before the promotional code expires, or you can cancel the subscription yourself on “My Page”. It is the buyers’ own responsibility to follow up when the code expires Promo The regular price will then be charged to the payment card for a new period If the regular price does not appear on the order form, you can find it on the seller’s website or by calling the customer center.

The bill fee of NOK 55 is added to the paper bills. Invoice fees are waived by AvtaleGiro payment / card and invoice by e-mail. To obtain an agreement on AvtaleGiro and the electronic bill, contact your bank.

All prices quoted apply to delivery in Norway. Outside Norway, special conditions apply.

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Buyer can withdraw from purchase within 14 days after payment.

The product is delivered from the time of payment by the continuous update of the nordrenett.no website and 48 issues of the electronic newspaper / printed paper version. On some weeks when there are red days and holy days, Nordry will come out differently and with less frequency. During the holidays, the frequency of posting is reduced.

Goods shortage:
If the newspaper is lost due to circumstances beyond the seller’s control, or due to other delivery problems, the seller’s liability for compensation will be limited to what the buyer has paid for the corresponding period of time. Delayed newspaper will not provide compensation. If you have access to the newspaper digitally, the lost paper newspaper will not be replaced in the event of delivery problems.

The subscription is binding until canceled by the purchaser, and the subscription cannot be canceled during the binding period. The purchaser himself may, at any time, order that the subscription be discontinued upon expiration.

Termination can be in writing, either electronically on my page, alternatively per submission, email to Seller’s Customer Center, or in person. The subscription expires during the period for which you paid. This means that the amount paid will not be refunded.

If you do not pay the subscription within a reasonable time after it is due, delivery of newspapers and/or digital access will be stopped and you will be billed for the amount due.

Haramsnytt AS takes personal data very seriously. The information is stored on an encrypted server. Customer information is not disclosed to third parties.

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All articles, photography and graphics with further scaffolding available for viewing/reading. Use and display other than personal use requires a written agreement with the newspaper. Companies must not print materials for use by their employees or for commercial use by others. Refers to copyright law.

conflict resolution:
Complaints must be sent to the seller within a reasonable time. The parties should try to resolve any dispute amicably. If that doesn’t work, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation. The Consumer Council is available at tel. 23 40 05 00 or www.forbrukerradet.no.

To be able to log in to the online newspaper, you must have activated the “cookies” function in your browser. “Cookies” are used to identify your data on our servers, so that they know each other.

In order to access our online service and be able to use our services, you must accept the terms of the agreement. The terms of the Agreement cover all aspects that govern the understanding between us as a supplier and you as a user. The terms of the agreement are available in our Terms, which you can find on the registration form for new users and at the bottom of the cookies/privacy page.