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Det lokale biblioteket i Kviteseid har vært flittig besøkt av bygdas unge.

The police are increasing the number of victims in the case of a municipal employee surreptitiously filming guests at the public library in Kvitsed.

More insult

In September, the man was arrested, after a hidden camera was found underneath Changing table in the library toilet.

The man was in detention with a letter and has been banned from visiting since then.

Initially, the detectives worked with approximately two dozen victims in the case, but the number has now been revised upwards to apply to approximately thirty girls.

Police went through a slew of forfeiture, after they raided the man’s home in September.

– All abused girls under the age of eighteen. Most of them are under the age of 16, Sigrid Dahl, head of the police station in West Telemark, tells NRK.

The reason the number of victims in the case is now revised upwards is that not all of the girls’ videos have been saved under names.

It was later found that there were also films of girls whose names were not disclosed, but who have now been identified by police investigators.

The camera the man installed on the toilet is about the size of a coin.

Photo: police

Police found no indications that the films were shared with others, or that the man subjected any of the victims in the case to physical abuse, Dahl says.

It affects many in the village

The library is used extensively by students at the 10-year-old Kviteseid School, which has approx. 200 students.

A total of 27 girls between the ages of 13 and 16 attend secondary school.

The police do not want to comment on whether all the victims in the case are pupils at the school or residents of the municipality.

Headmaster Odd-Arne Thorbjørnsen does not hide the fact that the case makes a strong impression.

No matter how many of his students are affected, he finds it difficult.

Odd-Arne Thorbjørnsen, Headmaster of Kviteseid School

Odd-Arne Thorbjørnsen, headmaster of 10-year-old Kviteseid.

Photo: Nils Fridtjof Skumsvoll/NRK

– it’s bad. It’s all sad. He maintains that as a school and as an adult, we must be on the supply side.

The municipal health service is ready to help if needed.

There may be many thoughts running through the heads of the injured. It’s definitely not a good feeling. Those who need someone to talk to can come to us, Thorbjørnsen says.

The school is leaving it to the police to contact the victims in the case, but hopes parents and pupils will contact them if they have any questions.

Contacting those affected in the case

The man is initially in custody until Thursday of this week. It is uncertain if the police will ask for this to be extended.

– The actual investigation into the case is nearing completion, says Dahl.

The police are constantly communicating with the victims. It is uncertain how many girls will be questioned.

Everyone will be contacted. We create a dialogue so they know what’s going on, Dahl says.

Sigrid D.

Sigrid Dahl, Head of Police Station at Vest-Telemark to NRK.

Photo: Martin Torstveit/NRK

In the jail order issued by the Telemark District Court, the man was charged under Section 311 of the Criminal Code, which deals with, among other things, “production of sexual abuse of children or production which sexualizes children”.

Andreas Nihaug defends the man.

He has no further comments on the new information in the case.

Andreas Nihaug, attorney

Andreas Nihaug defends the man accused of secretly filming several people in Kvitsed.

Photo: Martin Torstveit/NRK

The man had previously stated that he had no particular interest in minors.

– He says this is not about special concern for children, Nyhaug told NRK after the arrest in September.

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