Young man found dead in field in Gjøvik municipality – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

Young man found dead in field in Gjøvik municipality - NRK Innlandet - Local news, TV and radio

The boy was found lifeless in the field on Wednesday evening and his life could not be saved. Police won’t say what kind of injuries he had, but say their leading hypothesis is that he died after a tragic accident.

The boy was studying at a secondary school in the town of Zijovic Many teachers are on strike.

– We are withdrawing all teachers from the strike so that students and staff will have school concessions from tomorrow, says Jijovic, Anne Marie Kind Municipal Manager for Education.

He says that there has been full understanding from the striking teachers.

Examining multiple witnesses

A teenage boy was found dead in a field around 10 pm.

The police reached the spot and investigated the cause of death.

– Our main hypothesis is that it was a tragic accident, says police prosecutor Rocknhild Vig at the police in Inlandet.

They will not yet say what caused the boy’s death or how he was found.

– Vic says we will investigate the people who came in contact with him before he was found.

A junior high school student

The municipal crisis team visited the boy’s family last night.

– I express my deepest condolences to the victims and those left behind at this difficult time, says the mayor of the city of Jović, Torvild Svein (SP).

As many students were affected by the teachers’ protest, parents were informed at the school where the boy attended on Thursday morning.

On Friday mornings, all students physically assemble at school as the school day begins.

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– They want their teachers to be close to them throughout the school day and the following days, says municipal manager Ann Marie Kind.

He says that there is no need to apply for exemption from municipal strike in such cases.

– He says that it is important to take care of children and young people who are in a very difficult situation here and have lost a close classmate.

No decision has been taken on how long the striking teachers will be recalled.

As long as there is a need, says Anne Marie Kind.

A local church will be open for those in need today from 2pm.

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