Your electricity bill is high. This is the Statecraft Directors’ Salary – Taxavisen

Your electricity bill is high.  This is the Statecraft Directors’ Salary – Taxavisen

Not everyone has been hit hard by the expensive times and historically high electricity prices we’ve lived through in the past year. For example, the directors of state-owned Statecraft have made good money over the past year.

Got Statkraft CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen NOK 7.08 million was paid last year. So it doesn’t matter that it costs a little money to keep the house warm and bright.

From the outside, leading Statkraft in 2022 looks like the easiest job in the world

Rynning-Tønnesen’s base salary is 6.04 million. A bonus of 808,000 was rewarded for leading the company in a year characterized by adventurous earnings.

Statcroft, the energy company you and I all own, had a great last year. Delivered a record-breaking result By 2022. Profit after tax was NOK 25.6 billion. The company is proposing a dividend of NOK 17.2 billion.

This is good money for the government. But the management at Statkraft gets a good share of the cake even before society gets its share: the group management received a total remuneration of more than NOK 45 million. This will be just over 33 million in 2021.

Some of the increase is due to changes in management, but it’s also clear that the industry is hungry for good times for power producers – including the state-owned sector, which means all of us.

Amounts run through bleed. Barbara Flesche, executive vice president in charge of Europe, can pay her electricity bill with and without the electricity subsidy. He earns a base salary of NOK 3.65 million – plus a bonus of NOK 2.91 million on top of his salary.

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She received 2.2 of those kroner No Change jobs. Flesch was CEO of Solar Century, which was acquired by Statecraft last year. Continuity was so important to Statecraft that the company was willing to pay more than two million kroner for Flesche to stay.

I think there are many of us who want a little extra money to spend on staying where we are. But unfortunately, we are not working in an industry where we are able to charge ten and a hundred times more for the same product than before.

In total, Statkraft paid out 7.2 million in bonuses last year alone. “We did very well both in the fourth quarter and for the year as a whole,” Statecraft CEO Reining-Dønsen said when presenting the figures.

Yes, thanks, we have noticed that everyone living in Norway is on the electricity bill.

We are used to them getting paid well at the top level in the state as well. As it should be, we understand. We should try to forget that from the outside, leading the statecraft in 2022 looks like the easiest job in the world. The power industry has ended up ripping money out of the sky. Your money.

It should be openly rewarded. abundantly.

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