Your horoscope today: Tuesday, June 11

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Below you will find your horoscope for Tuesday, June 11.

KK Mine

  • Saul W. Jonassen (46).
  • Trained Evolutionary Astrologer, Soul Flow Healer and Meditation Instructor.
  • He has taught and taught internationally for 20 years.


Date of birth: March 20-21

Coping strategies and survival mechanisms are two different things. When you survive, you find solutions here and there, and this often involves suppressing or escaping something. Mastering something means facing it in a successful way. You can't hide what's boiling inside you, you have to find a way to stand in it. Mindfulness, or mindful presence in Norwegian, is the willingness to notice what is happening inside you without acting on it. If you can do this, you will also see that what often gets out of control very quickly, seems to be manageable. Watch your inner self.

the Bull

Date of birth: April 21-21, maybe

This is the day to take a deliberate and calculated risk. You can, of course, settle for the right fit, but deep down you want something more, and this requires you to have a complete overview of what you need to do, whether it's money, time or security. As a Taurus, you don't like to rock the boat too much, but sometimes you almost have to if you want to be satisfied and happy. If you've made big vacation plans, it's time to get into the details and put action behind the words. Once the wheels are turning, everything will work by itself.


Date of birth: May 21-22 June

As a Gemini, you often listen to what others have to say and also find a part of yourself in what they are going through. But sometimes it can make you confused about what is the right thing to do. Even if you compare your life with others, it doesn't mean it's exactly the same anyway. Every situation is unique and you now have to find the answer within yourself and not listen to the opinions of others. If you alternate between extremes and feel stuck in a dilemma, remember that there are no perfect answers.

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Date of birth: June 22-July 22

You master improvisation and can hide even the most embarrassing mistakes, which means you really dare to venture into what you cannot yet do. You should expect some beginner mistakes, but if you suffer from excessive self-criticism, you may end up expecting the opposite and be disappointed in yourself when it doesn't work out. If you take things too seriously, things won't always go as expected, but they're often more than good enough. If you're about to do something you haven't done in a long time, know that it's within you even if you haven't done it in a while.

the lion

Date of birth: July 23-August 23

You have to sacrifice a little of your freedom to be able to create the stability and secure framework you need after all. As a Leo, you are fire, and fire's nature is spontaneous and present in the here and now, so it can often be difficult to plan too much for the future because you don't know if you still want what you decided at the time. anything could happen! It's this kind of freedom that you may feel like you have to sacrifice a little bit now, but you'll definitely come back to it when you see that it actually works and you're on safer ground. It is a safe land and the best starting point for a real adventure.


Date of birth: August 24-23. September

Don't let your inner pessimist get the better of you just yet. You may have a tendency to find five faults before you actually give something a chance, and it's not entirely unfounded, especially if you've had experiences with you that have made you skeptical of everything new and foreign. But right now, this tendency to always find fault can lead you down the wrong path. As the Moon sails through your spiritual sector, it may not guarantee you anything, but it also tempts you and invites you to remember that life is happening now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. now.

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Date of birth: September 23-24

As Jupiter, Venus, the Sun, and Mercury travel through your sector of expansion and growth, it is through teamwork that you will see your own talents shine brighter, and you are currently surrounded by people who already know something, so you can also learn a lot of new things from them. It's great to hear from people who know something you don't know yourself, and if you take notes now, you'll see your knowledge base upgraded. Plus, it gives you inspiration to want to learn more. Surrounded by goodwill and generosity, you can make the dream fly.

the scorpion

Date of birth: October 22-24, November

It always becomes very clear who bears the burden when it comes to close collaboration. Today's universe can be characterized by petty power struggles and injustice regarding the distribution of work, and if something doesn't seem fair, it likely has something to do with this. The topic of who is the primary resource and who is in power is often a familiar one to you, as a Scorpio, and is as much about friendship and love as it is about work and colleagues. If you don't feel respected, show that you won't allow yourself to be wrapped around your little finger.


Date of birth: November 21-23 December

It's not certain that you want to get involved in another conflict or some new drama that arises. You're simply tired of constantly having to defend what you believe in or finding yourself in an eternal debate about something no one agrees on. It can be as simple as wanting to walk right out of a work meeting or withdrawing from the world until everyone figures out what they want. It can be too much to manage, and the price you pay to participate is sometimes very expensive. Choose your battles wisely and conserve your energy where you can.


Date of birth: December 20-22 January

Deep feelings that you've stored away for a long time may find themselves surfacing today, and the part of you that registers absolutely everything can trigger deep anxiety or a whole host of fears. You may have a conversation that didn't go well or discover that something you thought you had a complete overview of turned out to be something completely different than what you thought it was. Every detail you can't control can quickly cause a cylinder head to break, so this is where you need to regain control. The first validation question is actually: Can you do something about it now?

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Aquarius man

Date of birth: January 21 – February 18

It doesn't mean you can't, it's just that you lack the will to do it. You have everything you need to make it happen, but something or other is holding you back, and it may simply be that you lack the energy. There is also a risk that you take something too lightly and then end up being presented with something that you are definitely not satisfied with. It's about getting into the details and not skipping them, even if you really want to finish quickly. If you can't find inspiration, you must practice self-discipline so that you can perform at the level you actually want to. Be the whole package, not just the good idea.


Date of birth: February 19-20 walking

It's not always easy to accept that it didn't happen the way you dreamed it would, but deep down you may know that you either survived something bad or it was actually just an illusion you were chasing. The truth is always what sets you free, so you just have to trust that even if it's a little disappointing, it's absolutely for the best. If it is about love and it turns out to be more difficult than it turns out to be joy, be patient and continue to cling to the dream of what is real and beautiful. Whoever waits for good, does not wait for it in vain.

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