December 7, 2022


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YouTube Premium increases prices for family subscriptions

It also applies in Norway.

YouTube is raising prices for Premium Family subscriptions in a number of countries.

According to the site Take Crunch If it applies to the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Argentina, but here in Norway the prices also seem to have gone up.

According to the website, existing Premium customers with a Family subscription should have received an email notification of the increase.

The Families Premium subscription is a group subscription that will allow up to six people to use a number of functions. Among them are ad-free videos, downloads and background play.

According to the theme on reddit The monthly subscription price in Canada has increased by five dollars, from $17.99 to $22.99, respectively.

It wasn’t long before users in the US also reported the same increase, followed by users in the UK, who could report an increase of £2, from £17.99 to £19.99 a month.

When we first checked whether there was a price increase in Norwegian users’ subscriptions, we found out that the Premium for Families still cost NOK 179 per month, as it did in 2018. But this may seem to be related to whether we’ve used the browser, as we got On NOK 179 monthly price or YouTube app.

Screenshot, YouTube app.  Here, a family subscription costs NOK 229.

Because when we checked the YouTube app shortly thereafter, we found NOK 229 – a price increase of NOK 50.

In other words, the price has apparently gone up, although the new price is not visible on all platforms.

We asked Google Norway for an explanation of the various prices, and to get confirmation on what is actually the correct one.

We will update the status constantly when the answer is available.

According to another reddit theme However, the situation in the USA, Canada and the UK is not nearly as dangerous as it might seem for Argentine users.

Argentine users get a price increase not only for the family subscription, but also for individual Premium subscriptions. Whereas a single subscription previously cost 119 AGN (8.27 NOK), and a family 179 pesos (12.4 NOK), monthly expenses have been increased to 389 (27 NOK) and 699 pesos (48 NOK), respectively. .

Or, as TechCrunch pointed out: an increase of 220 and 290 percent, respectively.

Other countries are also seeing an increase in premium subscriptions, although it’s not the same percentage increase as high as Argentina.

In Turkey, for example, both the family subscription and the student subscription will increase, from 17.22 kroner to 34.4 kroner, and from 5 to 11 kroner, respectively. In Japan, only the family subscription has been increased, from 125 kroner to 160 kroner.

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