May 29, 2023


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YouTube profile Tor Eckhoff (57) walks through ice and dies - VG

YouTube profile Tor Eckhoff (57) walks through ice and dies – VG

Tor Eckhoff (57) fell through the ice on Friday morning. Police said the accident must have been related to video recording.


The Southeastern Police District reported the death in a press release Sunday.

The accident took place at Jakobs Dam in Kongsberg on Friday 26 November.

Tor Eckhoff, who lives in Sandefjord, was taken by divers and taken by air ambulance to Ullevål Hospital.

Relatives know the name is being released.

Eckhoff became known as the “Apetor” youtuber, which was a huge hit on social media. It was Sandefjords Blad Who was the first to mention death.

On YouTube, he had 1.2 million subscriptions, and the newspaper writes that he was known for his wild discoveries and outdoor fun.

Police: Recorded video

Ekhoff Jacobs was alone at the dam, where he writes that he walked through the ice, police write.

– Do you have reason to believe that he was there to record a video?

– Yes, says Thomas Craigelund, a lawyer on duty in the police force.

Police did not want to comment on whether video equipment was found at the scene.

The witness heard the cry

A witness warned of the accident.

– A witness heard a cry and told emergency services, Krakelund says.

The 57-year-old was found by rescue divers and life-saving efforts were made at the scene.

He was airlifted to Ullevel Hospital by air ambulance, where he died on Saturday, November 27th.