YouTube star set world record – VG

YouTube star set world record - VG

Now David Dobrik has set his own record in the Guinness Book of Records – with a pillow 18 meters high.


The new record was set by Dobrik (25), in association with a pillow manufacturer, for the largest body shaped pillow in history. Writes Dexter.

Today I set a record for the largest pillow in the world. This is the first time I set a Guinness World Record, Dobrik told his viewers Youtube Monday.

The record was set in Chicago, USA.

star shaped

Dobrik wasn’t personally involved in the pillow-making process, but he still had his face — and his body — out of the scoring attempt.

The video shows the YouTube star talking to a representative from Guinness World Records, who said the pillow was “a bit big”.

– I haven’t seen the pad yet, but my tennis coach had a workout, and he said he’s stuck on top of a building, Dobrik says in the video—before he goes out to see the huge pad for the first time.

The pillow, shaped like a Dobrik, is more than 18 meters high, five meters long and 1.5 meters wide.

The Dobrik pillow is still far from the record for the largest pillow in the world, regardless of its shape. This record was set in 2014, the length of the pillow is 18.6 meters, and its width is 25.7 meters.

Taking a break after scandals

He has stormed around the 25-year-old YouTuber a few times in recent years. In March, a woman told that He must have been sexually assaulted By a member of Dobrik’s YouTube friends group, known as “Vlog Squad”.

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Hassan Received huge criticism For his handling of the case, he then chose to take a break from social media. In June he returned.

Wondering more about David Dobrik and the scandals that followed? Read seven points about the star here.

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