Zac Efron denies having plastic surgery on his jaw

Zac Efron denies having plastic surgery on his jaw

Actor Zac Efron, 34, made headlines in 2021 after his jaw changed significantly. Many speculated about The 34-year-old had been exposed to the knife.

It didn’t take long for a close friend of Efron to speak up about the rumours. Kyle Sandilands (50) came down to earth to deny any form of plastic surgery.

Of course, he did not have any surgery. “I would have known if he had had plastic surgery,” Sandilands said on the breakfast show. “Kyle and Jackie Oh Shu»Who has with his partner Jackie O (47).

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break the silence

Speaking more than a year later, Efron himself comments on the rumours. In a new interview with men’s healthHe claims that his new jaw line did not come from plastic surgery.

Fans’ reaction in 2021 is that the jaw muscles looked much larger than before.

Now Zac Efron reveals that it all came from an injury. Hollywood star says he slipped and hit the ledge of a fountain. He fainted as a result of the accident and woke up to see his chin bone hanging from his face.

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Muscle overcompensating

The 34-year-old explains to Men’s Health that the facial muscles compensated for the injury that caused the jaw to become larger than normal.

Efron is said to have worked with a physical therapist to prevent the muscles from growing larger than they already were.

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The “17 Again” actor was ridiculed online after the remarkable change.

“Zac Efron can play a human partner in the feature film now,” one Twitter user wrote at the time.

Now, however, Efron has denied once and for all that he underwent plastic surgery.

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