June 10, 2023


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Zalando, Consumer Council | Warnings after Zalando purchases: – Check the products carefully

Nettavisen wrote on Tuesday about consumer Eric Malm’s experience with internet giant Zalando. Malm bought a Karl Lagerfeld branded jacket, which was later revealed to have Guess buttons.

– Too stupid to be true

“We regret that we sold you a counterfeit product. This is of course completely unacceptable on our part,” a Zalando customer service employee wrote in an email seen by Nettavisen.

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I bought a branded jacket in Zalando: – We are sorry that we sold you a fake product

Malm himself believes that experience stirs poetry.

– Malm said that’s too stupid to be true.

Has that happened to you? Contact the journalist here.

Nettavisen tried to contact Karl Lagerfeld’s press department. Nettavisen has been in contact with Zalando.

We’re investigating how the jacket might have had a tag from one brand and a button from another,” Zalando spokeswoman Ann Phoebe Hansen told Nettavisen on Tuesday.

– illegal

The Consumer Council, which helps you if you buy a product or service as a private individual, reacts to the experience:

– If you buy a jacket from Karl Lagerfeld, you must get the right quality item. When you order expensive branded clothing, you pay a lot for the brand itself. Consumer advocate Nora E.

– Check the products carefully

The Consumer Council expects Zalando to take the incident seriously, and is investigating how this happened and where the fault lies:

They should also check if this can apply to multiple products, says Glorsen.

Consumers are also asked:

For the consumer, this is another reminder that mistakes can happen, and that you should check products you buy online carefully as soon as you receive them, she concludes.

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