Zara, clothing brand | The “Gaza campaign” is disgusting: now the clothing giant breaks its silence

Zara, clothing brand |  The “Gaza campaign” is disgusting: now the clothing giant breaks its silence

On Monday, several images from the new campaign of the clothing chain Zara spread like wildfire.

The photos showed model Christine McMenamy (58 years old) wearing a jacket from the “The Jacket” collection, surrounded by models made of rocks and arms. In one photo, the model also wore a mannequin with white plastic wrapped around her neck.

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Not everyone liked it, and many thought the pictures seemed to mimic the devastation in Gaza.

VGs My fashion He was among those who mentioned the criticism on Monday.

On Monday, many people on social media called for a boycott of the clothing chain, which itself has remained silent. However, the campaign and images disappeared relatively quickly from all platforms, and on Tuesday, Zara finally shared a short statement about the criticism.

Sorry about the misunderstanding

The statement was shared on the clothing chain’s official Instagram account – where they have more than 61 million followers.

They wrote in the post that the campaign was created in July and filmed in September, before the war broke out between Israel and Gaza.

According to the clothing giant, “The Jacket” campaign will feature unfinished sculptures in the sculptors’ studio, created to “demonstrate the collection’s craftsmanship in an artistic context.”

“Unfortunately, some people were offended by these photos, which have now been removed, and saw something that was far from the intention when they were taken. Zara apologizes for this misunderstanding and expresses its deepest respect to everyone.”says the statement shared Tuesday morning.

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She called for a boycott

Discussion around the campaign also became a topic in this country on Monday, with many influencers calling for a boycott of Zara.

Other food influencers include Hanne-Lene Dahlgren, who shared a video on Instagram.

“If I had Christmas presents on the way from Zara, I would have canceled them immediately. People in white bags are not advertising props.”was among what Dahlgren wrote for the video.

The post received more than 100 comments, with many writing that they now wanted to boycott the clothing chain.

Influencer Ragnhild Margrethe Andersen Grødal took to her Instagram story feature to express her apparent disgust.

“So what is this?? No matter which side Zara is on, aren’t you promoting the other side’s kills?! It took a lot of convincing for me to believe this was actually true, but it is.”she wrote on one of the photos from the campaign.

On Snapchat, the influencer also commented on the campaign, explaining that she would never shop at Zara.

Several people also expressed their dissatisfaction with X (formerly Twitter):

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