June 8, 2023


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The Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces and the Armed Forces held a press conference this Friday morning at 7:45 am.

– You are invited here today because the government has decided to terminate the contract and end the phase of operation of the NH90 helicopters, says Defense Minister Björn Arild Gramm.

– It’s a serious decision, but no matter how many hours the personnel work, no matter how many parts we order, the NH90 will not be able to meet the needs of the armed forces.

He adds, as is well known, deliveries were significantly delayed.

The Minister of Defense explained that the operational consequences were significant.

We have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of whether a real operational benefit with NH90 can be obtained by performing further procedures, and the result is negative, says Gram.

– Therefore, the government decided to terminate the contract retroactively. We will return the helicopters and demand the return of the $5 billion that was paid for NH90.

He adds that the operating costs of this helicopter are very high, in part due to an error rate that far exceeds what was contracted.

Gro Jerry, director of defense gear, says they’ll return the gear, taking back $5 billion, plus other benefits and expenses.

She points to four reasons:

Significant delivery delay. All helicopters should be in place in 2008. The latest plan is that all 14 should be ready during 2022. In the middle of the year, we only received 8, and if the contract goes through, we probably won’t get the last until 2024. .

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The other is that the reliability of the helicopter is still insufficient. After several years of operation, the number of malfunctions with respect to flight hours is noted, the number of malfunctions is still 40 times higher than expected, and the parts are worn and must be replaced more often than expected.

– The third is that maintenance is still long and time-consuming. Besides the low reliability, helicopters spent more time in the workshop than in the air. Large parts of the year only had one, and sometimes there were no helicopters available for use.

The fourth reason is that deliveries are so late that some systems that were ordered over 20 years ago have gone out of production.

The consequences of these circumstances are that we have fewer helicopters than we should, and those of us we have too few aircraft and lack critical equipment. In addition, we do not have a plan from the supplier we trust to solve the problems. So unfortunately we are in a situation where termination of the contract is the only option.

Defense Chief Eric Kristofferson says the decision is the right one, and this is also a recommendation from the armed forces.

– Our helicopter is simply not working as it should, he says.

Gram says that since the cancellation announcement was sent, the helicopters are no longer in use from today.