Zhang Zihan: – He lost his job after the “Unforgivable” pictures

Zhang Zihan: – He lost his job after the “Unforgivable” pictures

Chinese actor Zhang Zhehan (30 years old) achieved great success in China, starring, among others, in “Word of Honor” and “Legend of Yunxi”.

With over 18 million followers on Weibo, a Chinese site similar to Twitter, it is very popular among the younger segment of the population.

This is – is It was common.

Now the 30-year-old is, to put it mildly, in bad weather after a vacation trip to Tokyo, Japan in 2018. Pictures from the vacation trip recently spread like wildfire on social media, and sparked huge resentment in the motherland. . It’s reports Global Times.


At first glance, the photos look like classic “tourist photos”, in which you smile at the camera, with a tourist attraction in the background. The problem is that the attractions that Zhehan chose to take pictures of are the Yasukuni Shrine and Nogi Shrine.

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Yasukuni Shrine is an infamous Japanese shrine famous for honoring some of Japan’s worst war criminals. Noji is another controversial shrine that honors the Japanese army that invaded China during World War II.

The scandal: This was one of the photos that Zhang Zhehan has now received heavy criticism for.  Photo: Weibo
scandal: This was one of the images that Zhang Zhehan was now being heavily criticized for. Photo: Weibo
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In other words – not particularly popular with the Chinese.

lost all cooperation

Chinese media criticized the actor for being unaware of the country’s history and national suffering.

The photos became known on Friday, and by 22:00 that evening, the 30-year-old had lost all 20+ of the companies he had been doing business with. Among other things, the beverage brand “Wahaha” announced that it was ending its partnership with Zhehan:

– National dignity is not something that can be compromised, as was said in a statement posted on the Weibo website.

Another company also took a hard line against the 30-year-old and said his behavior hurt the feelings of the Chinese – something the company has strongly distanced itself from.

Danish jewelry brand Pandora has also made similar statements.

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kicked out of photography

The actor is currently starring in the movie “Formed Police Unit”, but after the scandal became known, the producers said that he would be excluded from production.

However, Zhehan is said to have realized he had made a mistake, and had gone out to his more than 18 million followers and complained.

– I am ashamed of my ignorance and I will apologize for my behavior, he is said to have said in a post on Weibo.

However, his followers and former fans shouldn’t have accepted the apology, as the photos he took were “unforgivable”.

Within a day, Zhehan went from being a much loved and acclaimed actor with an amazing career ahead of him, to being fired, losing all of his partners — and an experience that fans turned their backs on him.

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