“Zombie” won Maskorama 2022 – VG

"Zombie" won Maskorama 2022 - VG

And he won Stjernekamp in 2019. On Saturday, it became clear that 23-year-old Bilal Saab also hid behind “Zombie” as the winner of this year’s Maskorama.


“It’s one of the most ridiculous things I could have imagined,” Saab says as he zips up his zombie costume on Saturday night.

Leaving with “The Wolf” and “Rabagastein” as finalists in the evening show. One by one, they were forced to reveal their true identities.

Everyone on the judging panel, consisting of Jean Thomas, Marion Raven, Nicolai Ram and guest judge Vegard Harm, thought it was Saab who hid behind the winning outfit. 63 percent of NRK viewers thought so, too.

– It was so special to stand here and sing, without anyone knowing it was you. It feels really liberating,” Saab tells VG after the final.

– How did you manage to keep it hidden?

– I think “work” is the best word. I couldn’t hide it, the winner replies with a laugh.

Saab believes there were “very few” in his inner circle who didn’t know he was hiding behind the costume.

– Were there any lies?

– You said that I study here in Oslo. I actually live up north, but I’ve been here for six weeks, so it was very special. On Saturday evenings, I didn’t get to talk about the weekend, he replies.

“Zombien” received five dice from VG’s reviewer on both song numbers during the final. You will find the reviews at the bottom of the article.

I had to throw the mask away first

Rabagasten received the fewest votes in the first round, thus becoming the first evening out to reveal his true identity. There was the athlete Øystein Pettersen, also known as “Pølsa”, who hid behind him.

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– People suspected you were the “wolf” at first, and then it changed. What do you think next, presenter Celje Nordnes asks.

– It was a shame then, because I don’t really like to lie, so it would have been nice to say that I’m not a wolf. Petersen replies, I also really wonder who he is.

Thus, it was the “wolf” and the “zombie” that competed in the show’s gold final.

One participant in particular stood out

Before the broadcast, Nikolaj Ram of the judges told VG that there was one participant in particular that got the judges thinking:

– This “wolf”, I think, is a big question for all of us. I hope there are some we haven’t thought of at all. He’s a real fraud, he tells VG.

– I have my own theory, but I can’t reveal it now. I’ll save it for broadcast, Jan Thomas chimes in.

When it became clear that the “zombie” had won, the “wolf” also had to take off his mask. Then the artist Daniel Kvamen was revealed – as many judges had predicted in advance.

– It’s so surreal. There are many levels of insanity, he tells VG after throwing the mask away.

– I really feel like a wolf now, it would be boring to go back to being Daniel Kvamen.

– Who do you think is more surprised?

– I think, perhaps, Kvammen’s fans are the most surprised, the artist replies, and notes that Maskorama’s performances were far from the quiet songs that he had in his repertoire.

– My nephews, my mother and my closest friends – they saw me three seconds later, he adds.

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collected VG All hints are on this page during this year’s season. You can see what VG readers guessed by entering Prophet Maskorama.

VG reviewer Tor Martin Bøe rolled the dice across the broadcast:

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