$100 million distributed to commercialize research

$100 million distributed to commercialize research

Research Council

Half of the allocations for public research commercialization went to Tromsø and Trondheim.


21 research projects with promising commercial potential are now receiving support from the Research Council to take the next steps from research to market, the Research Council wrote in a press release on Sunday.

Six of the awards go to projects in Tromsø, four to Trondheim and three to Oslo. In addition, Gjøvik, Horten, Stavanger, Bergen and Ås are also on the list.

(See the full overview at the bottom of the box.)

Among the projects receiving support are a tool to measure meat quality, a 3D vision system powered by artificial intelligence, and a urine test for bladder cancer.

The awards will contribute to increasing the commercialization of publicly funded research.

-There is great potential to increase the commercialization of publicly funded research. Ideas emerging from research can contribute to creating new job opportunities and accelerating the green transition. It is great that research institutions take greater responsibility in the field of innovation and commercialization. This means that we can quickly use knowledge and create value in society, says Industry Minister Jan-Christian Vestre in the press release.

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She says that the projects have new solutions that will benefit society and different industries.

  • Among others, Ard Innovation AS, the Norwegian University of Environmental and Biological Sciences (NMBU) and the University of Oslo (UiO) will receive NOK 5 million to develop a tool for measuring meat quality in a new and better way. Today, the industry typically uses pH meters and color tests to measure meat quality. The new device will be able to detect quality defects that are a major problem in European pork production.
  • Inven2 AS and Oslo University Hospital (OUS) receive NOK 5 million to develop a urine-based diagnostic test for bladder cancer. The test will improve patient care and will be economically beneficial because it could replace cystoscopy and other invasive tests to detect bladder cancer and check for cancer recurrence.
  • Norinnova AS and the University of Tromsø (UiT) – The Norwegian Arctic University has received NOK 4.9 million to develop a new test to document the charring process for commercial purposes. Growout is the process that fish go through to adapt from freshwater to seawater, and is a crucial point in salmon farming. The new solution differs from other available solutions by its ability to give a more accurate indicator of complete decomposition, and can help reduce the mortality rate of farmed fish in the marine stage and provide better fish health.
  • Norwegian NORCE Research Center AS receives NOK 5 million to realize an AI-powered 3D vision system for real-time product control and material analysis for use in several different process industries. New technology allows for more accurate and efficient production, and is more flexible than what was previously on the market. Technology can contribute to reducing energy use, waste and carbon dioxide emissions.
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– Many good examples

-We have many good examples of research results that have led to the development of innovative products and services. This year we had a record number of applicants and the quality of applications has been consistently very high. This bodes well for the transformation we are in the middle of,” says Mary Sundli Tveit, CEO of the Research Council.

They receive financing (amount in thousands of kroner):

  • NORINNOVA AS: Ultra-lightweight imaging, Tromsø (5000)
  • NTNU TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AS: A new agent against multidrug-resistant bacteria, while at the same time preventing the development of antibiotic resistance, Trondheim (5000)
  • BIOFY AS: Leveraging security and privacy technologies for comprehensive electronic identity and access control services (IncluDe), Gjøvik, (5000)
  • NTNU TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AS, MOMENTUM: Moment-resistant connections for wooden constructions, Trondheim (5000)
  • University of Tromsø – Arctic University of Norway: Fiber Analysis Targets for Optical Nano and Microscopy (FiRsT), Tromsø (5000)
  • SALICO AS: Validation of FORDETECT technology for rapid detection of pathogenic bacteria, Horton, (5000)
  • AS Norwegian Research Center – Technology/Energy Rogaland: Direct measurement of PVT and thermophysical properties of drilling fluids, Stavanger (5000)
  • University of Tromsø – Arctic University of Norway: InterNASH – Intercellular therapeutic pathway for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, Tromsø, (5000)
  • VALIDÉ AS: AI-Drill – Faster and safer well delivery, Stavanger, (5000)
  • INVEN2 AS: TandemAb – Validation of a new antibody technology platform designed to eliminate hard-to-kill cancer, Oslo, (5000)
  • HØGSKOLEN I INNLANDET: Food preservation with potato peels: industry-relevant validation and first regulatory evaluation of a new natural antioxidant, Hamar, (4996)
  • Norwegian Research Center AS: Commercialization of RIMARC – Next Minute Prediction System for Ocean Waves and Ship Movements Using Shipboard Navigation Radars, Bergen, (5000)
  • ARD INNOVATION AS: Meat inspector – a tool for detecting meat quality and defects, Ås, (4996)
  • University of Tromsø – Arctic University of Norway: inNMR: launching a new category of NMR analysis by bringing a smart accessory to the market, Tromsø, (5000)
  • University of Tromsø – Arctic University of Norway: sCENTsor – Compact and highly sensitive gas sensor, Tromsø, (5000)
  • SINTEF TTO AS: Industrial production of shrimp as fish feed, Trondheim (5000)
  • INVEN2 AS: Urine test for detection and monitoring of bladder cancer, Oslo, (5000)
  • INVEN2 AS: Bispecific antibodies for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, Oslo, (1500)
  • COMPUTERWELL AS: DrillComputer2 – Drill faster, further and straighter, Trondheim. (3000)
  • NORINNOVA AS: Genetic markers of optimal predisposition to smoke, Tromsø, (4895)
  • Nordic Research Center AS – Technology/Energy AGDER: AI-powered 3D vision for precision production in process industries, Kristiansand, (5000)
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