5 automotive attributes that will disappear in the near future

The industry and design of machines do not stand still, and many “extra” details will soon become a thing of the past, remaining in the memory of the people.

The auto industry is developing by leaps and bounds, and other industries are not standing still. That is why the design of modern cars is changing, the design is being modernized, and parts that are not suitable for the image of a futuristic car disappear.

If you don’t have your own supercar, take, for example, a Porsche for rent at a rental service in your city and see for yourself. The newer the model, the more computerized it is. Yes, among the cars for rent that you are most likely to meet, there is still a lot of “good old” stuff, but technological progress is inevitable. Moreover, it is the manufacturers of expensive cars that are at the forefront of the global automotive industry and constantly delight us with new concepts of futuristic cars and prototypes.

Therefore, if you are an adherent of the classic stuffing in cars, do not waste time – find the nearest rental service and enjoy a wide selection of cars for every taste and budget. It doesn’t have to be a late-model Porsche or Lamba, but let it be something you haven’t driven before if we’re talking about pure driving pleasure. In other words, why order your homemade food at a good restaurant.

It is already difficult to imagine a brand that would not try to follow the trends of the future automotive industry. Therefore, some machine parts will sink into oblivion – because of their functional uselessness, or for non-compliance with generally accepted standards in our world.

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Cars continue to improve, their shape becomes more streamlined and rounded, and many things in the cabin or in appearance are transformed or take on a new interpretation.

Rear view mirrors

First, according to experts, the rear-view mirror will go into oblivion. It would seem that this is one of the key elements of the car, useful for the driver. But, for example, Lexus thinks differently and equips its cars with cameras instead of the usual side mirrors.

Of course, one could oppose and ban the use of such cars on public roads. But the Japanese authorities are in favor of any innovations so that “mirrorless” cars are already roaming the tracks of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Power windows

The refusal of automakers from mechanical windows is not excluded.

True, even today such mechanisms are found only in budget cars. The general trend is for power windows to be present only in the cheapest models.

It is, in principle, understandable: any self-respecting car brand would prefer to stuff the car with electronics (even low-quality ones) and then proudly declare it.

Ignition keys

Yes, yes, the car will not have ignition keys soon. Large car companies are slowly introducing a remote owner recognition system, such as Apple ID technology.

It’s simple: you approach the car, it recognizes you, wags its tail, and opens the doors. And the engine starts with the push of a button.

It is interesting how all this will be implemented in practice, especially in the sleeping areas of large cities.

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Probably the most familiar attribute of a car – the dashboard – is in danger of becoming a thing of the past. Most brands opt for full-fledged displays, stretched across the entire width of the car, where all indicators are displayed.

However, drivers will clearly miss all the arrows, panels, knobs, and buttons. The display is still not so pleasant, although it is convenient: it will clearly show all the necessary characteristics and controls available with one touch.

Car radio

The main entertainment center of the car also transforms into the same huge display. In the newest cars, now even the hated hits of taxi drivers will sound different because the audio systems will also change for the better.

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