A man was killed by a dog

A man was killed by a dog

The accident occurred on Saturday, January 21, in Sumner County, Kansas, USA.

The name of the deceased has not been disclosed.

Fatal accident

According to the Sumner Sheriff’s Office, the man must have been sitting in the passenger seat of his pickup truck, as the man’s dog accidentally stepped on the gun that was in the back seat.

The gun fired a shot, hitting the adult man’s back.

We received an emergency call about the incident and responding units arrived on the scene a few minutes later, Sumner Sheriff’s Office reported. Kansas local newspaper, kak.

The sheriff’s office says they started CPR immediately, but the man’s life could not be saved. He died at the scene of the injuries he sustained.

Officers from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks were also at the scene, writes The American News channel 12 news.

receives criticism

After KAKE shared the news on his Facebook page, several readers took to the comments section to slam the now-deceased man:

“He should have made sure the fuse was working.”Someone writes.

“Maybe it’s worth when the gun is loaded?”Post wrote.

Many have also questioned Kansas gun laws.

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Criticism and hateful comments caused the reaction of a close friend of the deceased. According to KAKE, the same friend answered the following in the comment field:

“To all the comedians and gun experts here: This guy was one of my best friends. Their comments are full of hate. I know the guy’s family so well, words can’t describe how much their hearts ache right now. Shame on you!”

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It was done quickly

to me Newsweek News Channel It is easy for shotguns, shotguns, and handguns to go off accidentally if the safety is not on. The site also writes that it doesn’t take much for that to happen.

Further, they state that people in Kansas must complete a firearms, safety, and training course in order to obtain a firearms license.

This is not the first time a man has been shot by his dog.

In 2019, a dog owner subsequently lost his gun license His dog was accidentally shot with a gun.

Last year it was also the Turkish Ösgür Gevrekoglu He was shot dead by his loyal comradeafter the two-legged man pulled the trigger.

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