A noticeable decline in Wall Street before the important interest rate meeting

A noticeable decline in Wall Street before the important interest rate meeting

The first trading day of the week for US stocks was choppy, but the three major indices eventually ended with marginal gains.

US stock markets are nervous ahead of tomorrow’s interest rate decision, and all three major Wall Street indexes ended in the red on Tuesday.

This is how it looked at closing time:

  • The Dow Jones heavy industry index closed down 1.01 percent to 30,707 points.
  • The Nasdaq Technology Index closed down 0.95 percent to 11,425 points.
  • The Standard & Poor’s 500 index closed down 1.12 percent to 3,856 points.

The US 10-year government bond yield rose to 3.557%, while the VIX, also known as the Fear Index, rose 5.24% to 27.11.


The largest technology stocks fell Tuesday night, except for apple. The owner of Facebook, Meta, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet (the parent company of Google), aka FAANG shares (with Apple) had a red day in the stock market:

  • Facebook It closed down 1.3 percent to 146.09 points.
  • Amazon It fell 1.98 percent to 122.19 points.
  • apple It rose 1.57 percent to 156.90.
  • Netflix It decreased marginally by 0.31 percent to 242.85.
  • the alphabet It fell 1.87 percent to 101.14.

One of the winners on Wall Street on Tuesday was healthcare stocks health care changewhich ended up with more than 6 per cent after a federal judge ruled that United Health could not take over the company.

vaccine manufacturers quotas BiotechnologyAnd the modern And the Novavax It rose again on Tuesday, after falling dramatically on Monday when President Joe Biden made a comment that the pandemic was over.

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Shares in a health company humana It rose more than 2 percent on Tuesday to reach a 52-week high after the company raised its earnings guidance for the fiscal year. The company was also promoted by Morgan Stanley, which she said could be a better Medicare Advantage drug plan.

strongholdShares of the auto giant fell more than 12 percent on Tuesday after the company told investors that third-quarter costs were $1 billion more than expected due to cost inflation and supply chain problems. Ford’s operations were also affected by the UK dock workers’ strike that began on Tuesday.


At the time of closing on Wall Street on Tuesday, the price of oil (burning spot) fell 1.16 percent to $ 90.93 each and the price of a barrel of West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell 1.8 percent to $ 84.19.


The cryptocurrency market also moved into the red on Tuesday. Bitcoin fell 2.31 percent to 18,993. Ethereum fell half a percent to 1,352.74 points.

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