A self-driving car crashed into the roof of the garage

A self-driving car crashed into the roof of the garage
FROM THE FRONT TO THE ROOF: It was a somewhat private scene that met with the police on Wednesday night.

Just going for a quick ride out of the car – hit the roof of a garage.


At 20:16, police in the southeast wrote on Twitter about a car that crashed into the roof of a garage in Stathill in Bumble municipality.

South Eastern Police District Operations Commander Terry Lunden stated that the driver was not in the vehicle when the accident occurred.

– The driver got out of the car for a quick trip and then the car started to roll. I flipped over the curbs and down a small ramp towards a garage. Maybe the handbrake wasn’t on, Lunden says.

He was Telemark newspaper Whoever mentioned it first.

Nobody in the car: The car was empty when it drove off the cliff.

Atli Storemir, a witness at the scene, described the atmosphere in the aftermath of the accident as comical:

– People came to the place to immortalize the moment. It seems that those on the site watched this with a sense of humor. Even the mission commander laughed and smiled, he says.

There were no reports of people being injured.

It is not yet known the extent of the damage to the car and the garage.


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