Actor Uwe Ochsenknecht revealed after his mask fell off in the German movie “Maskorama”.

Actor Uwe Ochsenknecht revealed after his mask fell off in the German movie “Maskorama”.

NRK’s ​​”Maskorama” program took Norway by storm in the fall of 2020, becoming for many a bright spot in their coronavirus-filled daily lives.

In the following years, millions of Norwegians sat in front of the TV screen to guess which celebrities were hiding behind the various masks.

– They can believe whatever they want!

Not only is the guessing game well underway in this country, but viewers and audiences in Germany are also eager to reveal the identity of the participants.

Outside: Tonight it was the cow (or cows) that had to leave Mascorama. Photo: NRK
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During Saturday’s broadcast, many people likely had their coffee stuck in their throats as the Kiwi outfit performed on stage.

He denies the rumours: - Sad

He denies the rumours: – Sad

According to the plan, only one contestant had to unmask each broadcast, but this time there was a double unmasking – one of which was not planned at all. It is written in German picture.

The “kiwi”, which is a bird in this context, was the first to appear before the jury composed of Ruth Moschner (47), Alvaro Soler (32), and guest jury Heiner Lauterbach (70). She performed “It’s Like the Wind” – and of course with a very small storm or two on stage.

On the other hand, the wind was not beneficial to the Mascorama participant, who eventually witnessed many people’s nightmares, which is the mask falling off his head.

- It was torn

– It was torn

It happened for less than a second, but observant viewers had already discovered who was hiding behind the mask. During the broadcast, you could see something of the face of actor Uwe Oxenknecht (67 years old), who is now widely seen on social media.

the answers: It has been speculated whether this is the person behind the mask in Spirevippen in “Maskorama”. Video: Red Runner / NRK.
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Even though the mask fell, the 67-year-old was still voted on by viewers, and it was the “fire extinguisher” to thank for that. Behind the mask was model Eva Padberg (43 years old) who hid.

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