Actress Angela Lansbury dies (96) – VG

Actress Angela Lansbury dies (96) - VG

Popular actress Angela Lansbury slept peacefully at her home in Los Angeles on Tuesday.


– Sadly the children of Mrs. Angela Lansbury announced their mother’s death peacefully at her home in Los Angeles at 1.30am on Tuesday 11 October 2022, just five days before her 97th birthday.

Here’s what the Lansbury family says in a statement, reproduced among others NBC And the Limit.

The British actress is best known for her role as Detective Jessica Fletcher in the TV series of the same name. The series had more than 12 seasons from 1984 to 1996 and was broadcast in Norway on NRK.

She is also known as the voice of Mrs. Potts in the Disney movie «Beauty and the beast”.

Lansbury received her first Academy Award nomination at the age of 19, for her role in the film «Gaslight” from 1944. During her career, she has also won five Tony Awards, six Golden Globes and an Honorary Oscar.

In 2014, she was awarded the honorary title of Lady by Queen Elizabeth II.

It is rare for one person to touch several generations, creating a broad scope of work that defines decade after decade. Angela Lansbury was that artist, actor Josh Gad wrote on Twitter.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, known from the TV series Modern Family, also paid tribute to the late actor.

I will never forget sitting next to Angela Lansbury on opening night. Even though I had to pee, I refused to leave my seat during the break. I spent 15 minutes talking to her instead, he wrote on Twitter.

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Eric McCormack, who starred with Lansbury in The Best Man on Broadway, wrote that he feels privileged to spend time with the actor.

– Nobody like her. Rest in peace, Angela.

Lansbury is survived by her three sons, Anthony, Deirdre, and David, as well as three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Her husband, 53-year-old Peter Shaw, followed suit, according to the family statement.

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