Again, users are complaining that HP blocks ink cartridges from other manufacturers

Again, users are complaining that HP blocks ink cartridges from other manufacturers

Major computer and equipment maker HP has come under fire for a controversial feature called “dynamic security” — which aims to make it difficult for users to use ink cartridges from other manufacturers in HP’s own printers. Now we’re at it again.

Ars Technica Among those reporting is that a large number of users are now complaining that HP is suddenly blocking third-party cartridges altogether.

New firmware update for problems

HP has updated its printers to block non-HP inks directly. They no longer display a “Quality Cannot Be Guaranteed” message, but instead completely stop printing until an HP cartridge is inserted, says the opening post in a long thread on reddit.

The user who wrote the post states that they contacted HP and were told that the blocking is a result of a recent firmware update for all of the company’s printers.

And watch Twitter and on HP User Forum There are threads where people complain that their ink cartridges no longer work with their HP printer.

– The printer refuses to print with a non-HP cartridge. I refuse to believe that it is legal for you to do this, and I think that is wrong. How do I disable this feature to continue using other cartridges? writes user on HP forum.

The evolution of Dynamic Security’s rollout has been a bit of a blur, and exactly how users perceive the feature’s implementation depends in part on the specific printer model.

In 2016, reports first emerged that thousands of HP printers around the world suddenly stopped accepting third-party ink after a firmware update. At the time, HP confirmed the ban, at least in certain cases, while HP Norge told that they were unaware of the issue for Norwegian customers.

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Lots of cash

Shortly thereafter, following customer complaints, HP introduced a new firmware update which, according to the company itself, will disable the “Dynamic Security” functionality for customers who have encountered problems. The company then said that the block only covered cartridges that had not been tested and contained “illegally reproduced” HP security chips.

HP has claimed that all third-party ink cartridges equipped with the original HP security chips will continue to work, stating that they intend to continue using the feature going forward.

With the new complaints that have surfaced recently, it may appear that the feature has been expanded to more printer models and that blocking can no longer be bypassed.

Although HP’s practice is legal, it has drawn a lot of criticism, in part because of poor communication with customers – something HP has also in part acknowledged.

As Digi wrote last year, it has a European consumer organization Euroconsumers Entered into a settlement with HP regarding a dynamic security solution. The settlement means the company has set up a fund that will be used to compensate European clients in a number of countries who believe they have incurred losses as a result of not being adequately informed about the job.

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