Against the accusations: – Hårreisende

Against the accusations: – Hårreisende

Israeli Communications Minister Shlomo Karhe made his accusations on Thursday in a post x/twitterIn the form of an open letter to the New York Times, CNN, the Associated Press and Reuters.

The four media organizations strongly denied these accusations.

– The accusations are false and shameful. Promoting such claims, which put our journalists on the ground in Israel and Gaza at risk, is completely inexcusable, the New York Times wrote in an article. statement.

Israel’s hidden war

A comprehensive review is required

The Israeli Minister of Communications’ message stated the following:

“We have learned that some people in your organization, including photographers and others, had prior knowledge of these horrific acts and may have maintained a disturbing relationship with the perpetrators.”

He then requests a comprehensive review of the case.

The message comes after one a report From the pro-Israel organization Honest Reporting, the key questions are asked about how the media could capture press photos relating to the attack, without advance notice to photojournalists.

This is the report on which the aforementioned media figures commented, and they all denied knowledge of Hamas’ plans.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes further in his accusations.

– These journalists are complicit in crimes against humanity – Their actions are contrary to professional ethics, he says in A statement.

Al Jazeera journalist Wael Al-Dahdouh was covering the conflict from Gaza and was in the middle of a live broadcast when he was told that his wife, son and daughter had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. Video: AFP/Reuters
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The media is responding to this

Reuters He stated that they obtained pictures from two independent photographers residing in Gaza, and the news agency had no previous relationship with them, and that their pictures were taken two hours after the start of the attack.

Our journalists were not present on the ground in the locations indicated by Honest Reporting, the news agency wrote.

News agency He stated that the first images, also taken by independent photographers, were taken more than an hour after the attack began.

– There were no border personnel during the attack, and no personnel crossed the border at any time, the news agency wrote.

Both AP and CNN At the same time, the state cut off its cooperation with an independent journalist, after the report indicated that he was present with Hamas fighters during the attack.

The New York Times is defending its freelance photographer, who provided the AP when he covered the attack.

– Although he did not work with us on the day of the attack, he has since done important work for us. The newspaper wrote that there is no evidence of what Honest Reporting is alluding to.

- It should be clearer

– It should be clearer

At least 39 journalists were killed

So far, at least 39 journalists have been killed since the war began on October 7, including 34 Palestinians, four Israelis and one Lebanese.

It shows an overview of Committee to Protect Journalists.

It represents the deadliest period for journalists in the conflict since the organization began monitoring deaths in 1992.

There were also reports of journalists being killed, injured, missing, or detained, which the organization is investigating.

Journalists in the Gaza Strip are particularly vulnerable, living like everyone else with constant bomb attacks, communications blackouts, and lack of basic supplies of food, water and medicine.

Palestinian photojournalist Ashraf Amra is the opposite VG He accused the Israeli occupation army of targeting Palestinian journalists to prevent them from working. The Israeli army denied this, and at the same time informed many media outlets about it It cannot guarantee the safety of its journalists.

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