Airplane, mobile | A mobile phone caught fire on a plane

Airplane, mobile |  A mobile phone caught fire on a plane

On Thursday, the Norwegian Accident Investigation Board reported an incident aboard a Wizz Air plane en route to Bergen on June 11. A cell phone caught fire in the cabin and there was smoke. The fire damaged the carpet in the cabin and completely destroyed the phone.

The fire was extinguished with water and secured and monitored for the remainder of the flight.

The committee describes the whole thing as a serious aviation accident.


On the way to Flesland, the captain called the air tower.

– The captain did not ask for increased readiness, but the situation on board was handled by the cabin crew, says airport manager Helge Edsens.

He says they are always on the alert in case of danger, and ready, among other things, with fire trucks.

– But it was not necessary in this case. After landing, we ran a follow-up check and we have the cellphone, which will be given to AIBN, Edsens says.

They took the case, and achieved more. It is not yet known why the mobile phone caught fire.

There is a lot of information to be collected and we must verify that all collection is done in a comprehensive manner, says Accident Investigation Board Director William J. BA.

– Furthermore, a report will be presented that will provide a review and reveal what can be done to prevent such things from happening, he said.

Wizz Air has not yet responded to British Airways’ inquiries.

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