Al-Damli tone comments on romantic rumors

Al-Damli tone comments on romantic rumors

It’s been a few years dimple tone (34) He danced his way to third place in “Shall we dance?” With dance partner Tom-Erik Nilsen (35) in 2006.

This year’s season, old participants and professional dancers return to the dance floor, and Tom-Erik Nilsen is one of those viewers who will have a happy reunion. In this season he dances with Kari Tra (48).

Choose my dimple in turn to refuse to join In this year’s season.

In 2006, speculation prevailed about whether there was anything more than friendship between Damley and Nielsen.

Celebrity manager: David Eriksen is thrilled that Islyn Guttorsen, who is in his stable, will be participating in Shall We Dance in the fall. But she was not the only one who was asked. Video: Klaus Vielero / Red Runner
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– I had so much fun

On this week’s episode of the podcast “Shall we dance?”Led by broadcasters Helen Olafsen, 32, and Anders Hof, 46, Damley opens up about what really happened between the dancing couple 16 years ago.

When Huff asked about the rumors that passed between them at the time, Damley began the answer by saying that the dance partner had a girlfriend at the time.

16 Years Ago: It's been 16 years since Tone Damli appeared on TV 2. Photo: Erlend Aas/NTB

16 Years Ago: It’s been 16 years since Tone Damli appeared on TV 2. Photo: Erlend Aas/NTB
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– The only sure thing when you participate in Shall We Dance is that you will become very close to your dancing partner. Eric and Tom had so much fun, we probably took all the dance training a little bit. Yes, we trained a lot, but we laughed and enjoyed ourselves and hung out for about 24 hours, says Damley, before she continues:

– We became terribly good friends. I went home with him in Bergen once and he went with me to Sogndal once. We became very good friends.

proud: Big brother Tom Eric and Jürgen Nielsen will appear on the dance floor with their celebrities in Shall We Dance this fall. But this is not enough. Jürgen’s fiancée, Helen Olafsen, debuted as a presenter on Saturday, August 27. That’s what Jürgen thought at his girlfriend’s debut. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Jenny As / red carpet
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However, Damley denies that they were more than just good friends, and adds that you get sucked into being inside a dancing bubble.

– We had a lot of fun, Eric and Tom, and I really liked it. But then it suddenly ended, not because the friendship ended, but you made a hole in the bubble when it did. So we don’t hang out much anymore. So it was the 10 weeks there that got really intense and intense.

Damley himself believes that the rumors came about as a result of the fact that Instagram and Jodel for example didn’t exist at the time, and explains that the whole thing may have seemed more interesting and unreachable.

Tone Damli has yet to answer Dagbladet’s inquiries. Dagbladet has not yet been able to communicate with Tom-Erik Nilsen.

Half life in the spotlight

Damli has always been one of Norway’s biggest celebrities, ever since she appeared as a teenager in the singing competition “Idol” in 2005. She then came in second and was beaten by Jorun Stiansen (38).

Cash: Fellow Bjorn Wittrie Hulth gives anchor Helen Olafsen a reprimand after the “We’ll Dance” premiere. Video: Luna Leah/TV2. Reporter: Jonas Hammer. Cut: Selena Morkin
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This means that she has lived more or less than half of her life in the spotlight, and Earlier this year she admitted to Dagbladet It is not always all joy and sadness.

I’ve lived half my life in this “light,” and gradually I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t just mean ups and downs. You learn to live with it, even if it is very difficult when negativity is on. But I think it’s still going well. And I’m still very happy that I’m going to do what I’m doing,” Damley told Dagbladet.

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