Anamarija Lampic – shocked: – A crazy person

Anamarija Lampic - shocked: - A crazy person

– I took this transition quickly, writes Peter Northug Twitter After Thursday’s biathlon race in Hochfilzen

Northug, who will be an expert this winter for TV 2 in biathlon, is aiming for Slovenian Annamarija Lembek.

In recent years, it has been on top of the world in cross-country skiing – with a WC bronze in Oberstdorf in 2021 as a highlight.

– Game

But before this season, she switched from cross-country skiing to biathlon – despite the fact that her home skiing world championships are held in Planica.

– I’m a crazy person. I need challenges, the 27-year-old laughs to NRK after rocking an elite biathlon class on Thursday.

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In the sprint won by Germany’s Denise Hermann-Wick, she finished fifth in her World Cup debut with a rifle on her back. Despite three errors in the last shooting steady.

– It’s wild. I just enjoyed myself and I’m so happy, she told herself svt.


Thank you so much for an overwhelmingly good cross country season. She was 27 seconds better than the track’s second-best, Elvira Oberg. She was 1 minute and 23 seconds faster than Stina Nilsson, an aging Swedish cross-country skier who made the transition herself last year. So far without the same luck as Lambek.

– I took my hat off, it’s amazing, it’s absolutely amazing. I know how hard it can be to find a move myself. But she handled it so flawlessly, she also praises Nelson svt.

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The SVT commentator described Lambique’s debut as an exciting one.

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– I am deeply moved. She also got a lot of winks, much more than what she was able to achieve in the IFA Cup, said Grid Landmark Tandrivold.

Ole Einar Bjørndalen tells TV 2 that Lampic’s cross-country season is a total knockout for the rest of the field.

– We can expect a lot from Lampic going forward, as predicts the TV 2 biathlon expert.

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