Another storm expected this weekend

Another storm expected this weekend

Ingun's severe weather subsided on Thursday evening, but new strong winds were already reported on Saturday. The Meteorological Institute sent a yellow warning from Moree and Romsdal to Nordland.

Remnants of a roof lying on the hospital helipad in Harstad.

In large parts of the country, new storms will replace the severe weather in Ingun on Friday and Saturday.

– Early Saturday night, the wind will pick up. We have sent out a yellow warning for the risk of very strong winds from the Helgeland coast, south towards Trøndelag and parts of Mure and Romsdal, says duty meteorologist Stine Sajen to Aftenposten.

In addition to the wind, there will be a lot of rain.

“After Saturday, the temperatures will drop and the weather will turn to rain and snow,” says Sajin.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration also warns. The weather can lead to difficult road conditions.

They reported being affected by difficult conditions in Rogaland, Vestland, Møre, Romsdal, Trøndelag, Nordland and southern Tromsø.

– Frequent rainfall, heat, and winds increase the risk of snowfall, mud, and landslides. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration warns road users that parts of the road and mountain passes may be closed in a short time. Keep an eye on traffic and weather reports, according to a press release from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

From one harsh weather to another

Severe weather “Injun” hit Trøndelag on Thursday night and has since moved north.

The entire part of the country was affected by power outages, broken windows and falling roofs. Residents were evacuated from residential buildings and police strongly recommended that people not travel abroad.

While the wind was still hitting rooftops in Harstad, police in Finnmark asked residents to stay inside and postpone driving. They feared the storm would hit hard there as well.

Harstad: Don't pick up the kids

Enjun sets off wind gauges and hazard warnings in Nordland.

On Thursday afternoon, an emergency warning was sent to residents of Harstad. Police later wrote that there were a lot of buildings going astray in the center of Harstad.

The danger was sometimes so great that children and pupils were banned from being picked up from kindergartens and schools.

At 16.20 the parents were told that it was okay to collect the children.

Hospital: Stay away from windows

The University Hospital of Northern Norway in Harstad also faces very big problems during the storm. There they asked staff and patients to stay in the hospital, while also asking everyone to stay away from windows.

The hospital was able to resume normal operations at 19:30.

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In Bodo, police cordoned off the entire city center on Thursday morning. They believed that there was danger to life and health by moving in the open air.

has been sent Emergency alertEmergency alertEmergency alerts should be used to notify residents of acute and dangerous incidents that threaten their life and health. The emergency alert contains information about what is happening and what you should do to protect yourself. Emergency alerts travel over the mobile network and are transmitted to all mobile phones in a specific area. Source: DSB To the residents of Bodo in the following format:

– There is a risk to life and health now by moving outdoors. We ask residents to respect the restrictions that have been put in place, as well as heed the call to stay at home, police in Nordland reported on Twitter/X.

Harstad residents also received an emergency notification of the same call.

At six in the evening, the siege was lifted.

Police cordoned off large parts of central Bodø.

Police cordoned off large parts of central Bodø.

Operations director Yngvar Frederiksen told Aftenposten newspaper that police were receiving assistance from civil defense to guard the roadblocks.

-He said there were loose objects flying around the entire downtown, when the severe weather was at its worst.

I picked up people downtown

– It's very cool, says Helgi Grönmo, Head of Communications at Bodø2024. It works in the center of Bodø.

He explains that police and firefighters walk around the city center, picking up people and encouraging them to escape. They take people in cars and take them out of the most vulnerable areas of the city centre.

-An emergency notification has been sent out, so all phones beep every ten minutes with the message that everyone should stay home. “I haven't been away from something like this in as long as I can remember,” he says.

The roof exploded

For 15 people, it was a new awakening on Thursday night, when the roof of a terraced house exploded in Rørvik in Naröysund, northwest of Trøndelag. They were initially told to stay inside, as a 40 square meter roof exploded around the area.

See more photos of “Ingunn”'s woes:

When the heavier parts, mostly wood panels and insulation, landed, they were eventually evacuated. 11 of them had to unload their luggage and move to a hotel, while the other four found other places to sleep.

Norwegian wind register

On Thursday night, a new Norwegian record for average winds was set. It measured 54.4 meters per second between 01 and 02 tonight at Kvaløyfjellet in Sømna. It is therefore the strongest average winds ever measured in Norway, meteorologists wrote on X/Twitter.

Hurricane strength 32.7.

This picture shows the areas covered by the severe weather warning, as is the case on Thursday morning.

This picture shows the areas covered by the severe weather warning, as is the case on Thursday morning.

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