Apple is transforming! – Etavisin

Apple is transforming!  – Etavisin

Apple is reversing its previous decision to remove web app functionality for EU users starting with iOS 17.4, which launches next week.

The solution is simple: WebKit

Apple stated that it “will continue to offer existing web apps on the home screen in the EU.” This change comes after the European Union announced a few days ago that it would investigate the restrictions imposed by Apple. The company has previously defended the change.

Below is Apple's full statement:

“Previously, Apple announced plans to remove the Web Apps feature on the Home Screen in the EU as part of our efforts to comply with the DMA. The need to remove the feature was given due to the complex security and privacy concerns associated with Web Apps to support alternative browser engines which may require building an integration architecture New is not currently available in iOS.

We've received requests to continue support for Home Screen Web Apps in iOS, so we will continue to offer Home Screen Web Apps in the EU. This support means that Home Screen web apps will continue to be built directly on WebKit and its security architecture, in line with the security and privacy model of native apps on iOS. Developers and users who may have been affected by the removal of web apps on the Home screen in the EU iOS beta can expect existing functionality to return with iOS 17.4 available in early March.

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