Apple warns of “iPhone hacking tips” | Letters of News

Apple warns of “iPhone hacking tips” |  Letters of News

If your iPhone gets wet, this is a well-known trick that “everyone” does. But now Apple is warning against this trick.

Many people choose to put their iPhone in uncooked rice if they spill liquid on the phone. The idea then is that the rice grains should absorb moisture.

But according to Apple, this could damage your iPhone.

– Do not put the iPhone in a bag of rice. This can cause small rice particles to damage your iPhone. Apple writes on its pages.

This is recommended by Apple

Additionally, Apple writes that you shouldn't do this if your iPhone gets wet:

  • Do not dry your iPhone with an external heat source or compressed air.
  • Do not insert foreign objects, such as cotton swabs or paper towels, into the socket.

Apple also writes what you should do if you spill liquid on the phone.

They recommend gently tapping the iPhone with your hand with the charging port facing down to remove the liquid. Then place the iPhone on a dry surface with a gentle stream. You should wait at least 30 minutes before trying to reconnect the charging cable.

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If charging your iPhone still isn't working, Apple recommends leaving the phone in a dry place for up to a day.

“Liquid Warning”

If your iPhone contains liquid, a “Liquid Alert” may appear on the phone stating that charging is not available until the liquid is removed from the charging port or charging cable.

– To protect the phone and its accessories, charging and connecting accessories are not available until the connector, cable ends, and accessories are dry, Apple wrote.

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Apple specifies that an iPhone can be charged with the liquid in it in an emergency.

A test conducted by an American phone retailer in 2014 showed that rice is not particularly suitable for absorbing moisture. The test concluded that oatmeal, couscous, and cat litter absorbed more water from the water-damaged phone than rice. The newspaper online.

They concluded that leaving the phone to dry in the open was most effective.

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