Artificial intelligence has created a new Beatles song

Artificial intelligence has created a new Beatles song
“New” song: Paul McCartney, pictured here at the Telenor Arena in 2015, is said to have finally been able to complete “Now and Then” with the help of AI.

Sir Paul McCartney, 80, says he was able to distinguish John Lennon’s voice from the old demo through the use of artificial intelligence.


– We just finished it and will release it within the year, McCartney says in an interview with BBC Radio 4.

Paul McCartney did not name the song, but according to the BBC, it is likely to be a song titled “Now And Then”. This has been considered a “reunion” song since 1995 in connection with the Beatles’ “Anthology” series.

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It was John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, who sent Paul McCartney the demo for “Now And Then”. It was one of several songs on a tape Lennon called “For Paul” that he made shortly before his murder in 1980.

However, two songs from the demo, “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love”, were completed by producer Jeff Lynne and released in 1995 and 1996 as the Beatles’ first “new” material in 25 years.

The BBC wrote that the third “clean-up” attempt, “Now and Then”, was quickly dismissed as an impossible task, due in part to background noise from the electrical system in Lennon’s apartment.

However, Paul McCartney has stated several times that he wants to end Now and Then.

– It’s still there, so I’ll take Jeff with me and finish it one of these days, he said in a BBC Four documentary about Jeff Lynne – the man behind the Electric Light Orchestra – already in 2012.

The turning point came two years ago in connection with Peter Jackson’s documentary “The Return”.

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The documentary’s audio engineer, Emile de la Rey, programmed computers to recognize the Beatles’ vocals and separate them from background noise and other instruments, leaving the vocals clean.

– We had John’s voice and piano, and he managed to separate them with AI. said the computer. Here is the sound. This is a guitar. Remove the guitar, says Paul McCartney.


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