Arve Juritzen hid behind a frog mask at Maskorama tonight – NRK Kultur og underholding

Arve Juritzen hid behind a frog mask at Maskorama tonight - NRK Kultur og underholding

It’s not easy to wear all this here, but damn it was so much fun, says Arve Juritzen.

– If I take off my uniform here now, it will be a pond, a pond of frogs on the floor here. Because that’s hot!

What was it like to keep a secret?

– No, that’s the only good thing, now you don’t have to judge friends and family.

And that’s a good thing, because I’m bad at it.

– You worked with TV before, was it good to go back to the mines?

– It was very good, this gave more flair and I would like to be part of several programmes. I wouldn’t have dared to do it without the mask. But now I did.

The committee believed that the person hiding behind the frog’s mask was Bernt Holsker or Samuel Massey.

And the thing most people guessed from home was Burnt Holsker, too. But he was the journalist and publisher Arve Juritzen.

Thomas Fellberg reviewed Maskurama for NRK tonight.

He is known as a judge in Stjernekamp and as a former rock musician, but he has not been involved in this before.

Thomas Fellberg: Guest reviewer for Maskorama on NRK.

Photo: NRK

– I was looking forward to this fun!

– Are you a strict judge?

No, but if it’s really bad, you have to say it.

But basically I’m very positive! and enjoy. It’s Saturday night and we’re looking forward to it.

Especially to guess the celebrities who are hiding behind the masks!

1. Snowmonstreet – Into the Unknown (Indina Mendes)

– see chemical hints and someone likes ice cream probably thinks Andreas Wahl? But it is difficult, says Thomas Feldberg.

The Snow Monster is the first man out to Masurama tonight!

Surprisingly beautiful sound. It doesn’t necessarily look professional.

Not who is a singer by profession.

But do a good job vocally. Tall, beautiful, beautiful costume, says Thomas Felberg and gives Roll the dice four.

roll the dice 4

Nikolai Rahm also guessed in the detective committee Andreas Wahl, but he does not believe that the sound is the same.

Among the audience, many also believe that the Snow Monster is a physicist and host Andreas Wahl, or one of the Solli-Tangen brothers.

2. Frosken – Should I stay or go (The Clash)

Frogs are second to none!

Good entry on the frog and good body language. Entertainment scents.

The first thing that strikes me is that this is Alex Rosen and that English doesn’t sound real, says Thomas Felberg, reviewer at NRK.

Well, when the music starts, my suspicions about Alex Rosen are strengthened. The sound reminds me of him.

Otherwise it looks good and cool costume. But I feel the performance is somehow low on energy.

The evil frog seems to want to get out of the outfit and rock freely. But awesome. dice roll: 4

roll the dice 4

Nikolai frame in Burnt Holsker’s guesswork. While Jan Thomas thought NRK had brought in a foreign star and thought star Leonardo DiCaprio.

He never thought of his friend Arve Juritzen and was very surprised when the frog got worms.

3. Nøkken – Rag’n bone man

In Hints, Nøkken says they are known to appear at dusk. But she admits that she is actually very afraid of the dark.

He calls himself easily intimidated. But she likes to have good company, and that’s it for tonight.

– It’s hard. I can’t wait to hear the person sing, says Thomas Feldberg.

There the first woman enters. This was not easy. A little spooky entrance but it gets hot here and it comes more and more into the song.

I think she sings really well and that sounds great to me. I think this is getting better and better.

Too good a singer to be Siv Jensen and too good a liar to a sports star.

Good but a little trying somehow.
dice roll: 4

roll the dice 4

Theories about Nøkken spread among the public in all directions.

But some singled out mountaineer and trek leader Cecilie Skoog as one of the candidates.

4. The Lucky Pig – Money, Money, Money (ABBA)

In Hints, Lucky Pig says he’s a happy pig who loves to present himself.

He will do that tonight, too.

– The lucky pig comes and somehow gives good feelings. Thomas Felberg says happy hits on the stomach.

Is it dialect or nonsense? See hints about us. You should hear the person sing.

It didn’t look like the pig had been on stage before. He also sings as if it was the first time.

not good. Is it Kjell Ingie Rocky or Peter Stordalen?

This is someone who is interested in things other than music in their daily routine.

Sometimes very unfamiliar and a little embarrassing.

Like half-ass karaoke.

Not the luckiest pig I’ve ever met.
dice roll: 3

roll the dice 3

When it comes to Lucky Pig, there are three names in particular that recur among the public’s guess:

Peter Stordalen, Charter Seven and Dag Otto Lauritzen.

5. Dragon – I want to be your servant (Moonlight)

Marion Raven feels that she knows the dragon. But you don’t know who he is.

Jan Thomas wonders if it could be Magnus Carlsen, but he doesn’t think the sound is similar.

Thomas Fellberg’s verdict is as follows:

Wear it at da house!

can enter. He gets showbiz vibes

ambiguous sound. My voice and rhythm are here and maybe a vocalist here.

But that’s something that hasn’t been acoustically tested here either. But who knows no fear on stage. Beautiful song and beautiful performance.

It is impossible to guess. The most mysterious night?? Who is the dragon?

dice roll: 4

roll the dice 4

The audience expected that actor Hermann Tomeros, comedian Henrik Thodesen or comedian Kevin Foggins is the dragon.

But some are also betting on skateboarding star Peter Northough.

6. Haverwin – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (Marilyn Monroe)

this is difficult. But it could be Marit Larsen.

Or Emily Nicholas? Jensen’s sword, says Nikolai Ram.

Marion Raven finds this sound baffling. There must be someone who loves water. What about Birgit Skarsten?

Thomas Felberg thinks the entrance is good.

Ambiguous hints. The sound must be heard.

Beneath the surface is Marit Larsen’s song. And the sound is beautiful. Someone who sang many times before. And it has a tone.

It’s kind of like jazz alive and cabaret here too, it’s a consistent performance and now I think it’s Hilde Louise Asbjornsen too.

dice 5

dice 5

Before the premiere of Maskorama, there were many who guessed that Birgit Skarsten is a mermaid. This is what Grid thinks after the performance as well.

7. Nissen – SexyBack (Justin Timberlake)

Jean Thomas thinks Santa Claus is bouncy. But I think the hints were a little tricky.

– Although there is a tiara in the hints, this is not Princess Märtha Louise, he says.

Thomas Felberg says Santa Claus stumbles as we approach Christmas.

– A little psychedelic and flowery. Is it north? Not sure?

The sound must be heard. A wonderful and challenging song.

But the voice isn’t Justin Timberlake unfortunately.

It seems somewhat related to me. Is it a costume that gives off a little air?

Is there anything small nose about this?

dice roll: 4

roll the dice 4

8. Bamsen – Shake It Off (Taylor Swift)

Marion Raven thinks it’s a very beautiful singing voice.

– And in the video it was very pink.

Ever thought of a pink blog perhaps? Hence it is very small. Welcome.. Sophie Elise!

Thomas Fellberg:

The cute teddy bear comes. You want this in the room.

The star of the evening and kids’ favorite costume!

This must be a favorite of young children.

Choose a great song directly to sing. I love that.

And it sounds like maybe a damley tone, a beautiful finale!

dice 5

On the Internet, there is also speculation about whether Bamsen is Sophie Elise.

But many also believe that Cecily Steinman Ness or artist Lisa Borod is hiding behind a teddy bear costume.

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