At least 100 Russians arrested over Navalny memorial

At least 100 Russians arrested over Navalny memorial

There have been reports from several cities in Russia of mourners refusing to lay flowers in memory of Alexei Navalny.

Independent reports said police arrested at least 100 people in connection with Navalny celebrations in ten different Russian cities. OVD information on Telegram.

Video clips on Telegram channels It shows at least four or five arrests at a memorial in Moscow. One of them was allegedly beaten by police during the arrest, OVD-info reports.

In St. Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, about 30 people were arrested, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. Rotunda channel on Telegram. They also bring video images of many of these arrests. According to the report, among those detained were a number of media professionals Doxa.

Other cities where people were detained by police include Nizhny Novgorod and Murmansk, which are located far north – towards the border with Norway, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. OVD information.

While there are many places around the world commemorating Alexei Navalny on Friday, there are also many Russians who will honor the opposition leader, who, according to the Russian prison service, died on Friday.

But they were stopped, independent Russian media reported on Telegram and other platforms.

  • In Novosibirsk, police cordoned off the memorial to victims of political repression. People will leave flowers there. The security forces claimed that there was a report about a possible bomb Radio Svoboda on Telegram.
  • In Ulyanovsk, people in civilian clothes removed flowers that had been placed – and took photos of those who brought flowers.
  • In Tomsk, also in Siberia, the police showed up at “Surgens Stein.”
  • In the capital, Moscow, police closed the corridor leading to the “Wall of Sorrows,” a memorial to those who were subjected to political repression, according to what Russian media reported. Sota And other sources.
  • A young man was arrested on his way to lay flowers at the memorial, according to SOTA, which also has photos of the situation.
  • Moscow prosecutors warn against demonstrations. At the same time, there are almost no calls to action on social networks; Participants come to the memorial sites on their own initiative, according to Radio Svoboda.
  • Also from Omsk in Siberia, Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, and the large city of Nizhny Novgorod, there are reports of monuments being blocked where people want to lay flowers, according to Radio Svoboda.
  • Sota Reports on Telegram indicate that people are laying flowers at a monument to repression in St. Petersburg. But this is also happening under police surveillance, as photos on the Telegram app show.
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In contrast, there are photos and references to actions in support of Navalny in a number of other places in the world, including Budapest, Madrid, Cyprus, Paris, Riga, Tbilisi, Stockholm, Warsaw, Yerevan – Kirkenes and Oslo:

In Moscow, the Prosecutor General's Office warned people against demonstrating. They point to calls on social media for a meeting in the center of the capital.

Participating in unauthorized mass demonstrations, or encouraging others to do so, is punishable by law and may lead to imprisonment, according to the warning broadcast by Radio Svoboda.

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