Autostore founder invests in nuclear energy – E24

Autostore founder invests in nuclear energy – E24

Norsk Kjernekraft, where billionaire Tron Mohn is the main shareholder, has added two Westland billionaires to the ownership.

Illustrative image. Grohnde Nuclear Power Plant in Emmerthal in northwestern Germany.
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In a directed issue, GC Rieber AS and Jakob Hatteland Holding AS jointly held shares in the nuclear energy company Norsk Kjernekraft.

The company wrote this in a press release on Friday afternoon.

M Vest Invest 2 AS, of which Trond Mohn is the majority owner, also participated in the issue.

Norsk Kjernekraft does not disclose the investment amount in the press release, but does mention that GC Rieber AS and Jakob Hatteland Holding AS each own 7.69 percent of the post-issuance nuclear power company.

M Vest Invest 2 owns 61.54 percent of the shares, while employees and partners own the remaining percentage.

– It is with great pleasure that GC Rieber and Jakob Hatteland have collaborated with Trond Mohn on this project, which could become a new Norwegian industrial adventure. It’s still an early stage company, so it’s especially important to have strong industry players with long experience behind it, Norsk Kjernekraft’s general manager, Johnny Heisthammer, says in the press release.

Founder of Autostore

Behind the two investment companies are two billionaires from the West.

GC Rieber, based in Bergen, was founded in 1879 and has been developing for four generations. Today, the group is led by CEO Paul Cree-Ripper.

He was previously President of the NHO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Civita Research Centers.

Jacob Hatland is the man behind it unicorn unicorn Gründerselskap was sold for more than $1 billionCar stores. He became a billionaire when he sold most of Autostore to Swedish acquisition fund EQT in 2016 for around NOK 4 billion.

Two years later, American fund Thomas H. Lee Partners paid NOK 16 billion when they bought large parts of the company.

Jakob Hatteland Electronics was started by Jakob Hatteland in 1971 and is known, among other things, for building the successful Autostore.

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He wants nuclear power for Norway

The aim of the case was to build the best possible foundation for further growth of Norsk Kjernekraft, per the press release.

The company was founded in July 2022. The ambition is to build and operate nuclear power plants in Norway.

The company wants to build what are called small modular reactors. There are small nuclear power plants the size of a football field, which can be mass-produced in a factory abroad.

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