Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel | Netanyahu: – Israel is at war

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel |  Netanyahu: – Israel is at war

Several places in southern Israel were subjected to rocket attacks on Saturday morning.

– I think there were very few, if any, who expected such an action as we saw in the Sabah branch today, Norwegian UN envoy Tor Wennesland tells NRK.

At least 22 Israelis were killed in attacks by Hamas on Saturday, according to the Israeli news site N12. TV channel Al Arabiya It was reported that 20 Palestinians were killed as a result of the counterattacks.

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– A grave mistake on the part of the Israeli security services in not stopping Hamas

– In a war

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a televised statement on Saturday that Israeli reserve soldiers will be called to serve.

– Israel is at war, and the enemy will pay a heavy price more than ever, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced.

He warned that this time it was not just an “operation.” He ordered Israeli forces to remove armed Palestinians who entered towns in southern Israel.

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– Hamas made a big mistake

The Israeli Defense Minister said earlier Saturday morning that Hamas had started the war.

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– He declares that Israel will win.

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Islamic Jihad joins the attacks against Israel

Galant said, in a statement on Saturday, that the Israeli army is “fighting the enemy everywhere.”

– Hamas made a big mistake this morning and started the war against the State of Israel, says the minister.

– Israel will win, Galant says.

– The right of defense

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinian people have the right to defend themselves against what he described as terrorism committed by settlers and occupation forces.

This statement comes after Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, launched a large-scale attack on Israel with missiles and ground forces.

Abbas heads the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank.

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