Bjorn Toomrin on the victory of ‘Star Wars’: – absurd – VG

Bjorn Toomrin on the victory of 'Star Wars': - absurd - VG

The throat singer from Tomrefjord went to the top at this year’s “Star Fight.” – He says that’s ridiculous, amazing, and so fun.


Bjørn Tomren does not unexpectedly take the victory calmly, although he is clearly impressed.

When the result became clear, he said he was “completely speechless”.

After the final, he collected enough to give some mediocre comments.

Absurd, surprising, and satisfying, he says of VG’s victory after this year’s final “Star Fight” night.

He also takes the opportunity to thank those who sent him all the way to the top.

Many thanks to everyone who voted for me and Alexandra. This means a lot to me, says Bjorn Tommerin.

Rotan: – Very happy

Alexandra Rutan was by no means sad that she met VG after the last night.

She has previously participated in other music competitions, but thinks Star Wars is something special.

Star Wars is something completely different. Here I had to grow and challenge myself in my own way. It’s Monday, says the upbeat Rotan, who goes straight into the studio and writes their own songs.

Mighty: Alexandra Rutan gave a demonstration of the power of “You’re the Voice” by John Farham in Saturday’s “Star Wars” finale.

It was important to me that people didn’t think I underestimated “Star Wars.” I’ve worked hard and grown as an artist and as a human being. I’m clear. I sang that song with pride today. She says I am so happy.

My goal was to be through all of the Star Wars broadcasts. I think this opened a door for both of us, no matter how things went.

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Tonight you will celebrate anyway.

– With a glass or ten, says Rutan, laughing.

Swiss throat singing

The first piece of music from the finalists was Tomrin. He went in the company of his good friend Hein Pugh, known from the accordion duo Bulkcapjohn and Klein Hein, and set out on the Swiss folk tune Mein Vater ist ein Appenzeller.

Yodeling in the “Star Wars” final? Why not? said Tomrin, laughing and clapping in the hall. VG reviewer rolled one Five on the dice for a silly, crowd-friendly yodeling session by Bjorn Tommerin.

Rutan followed up by joining his MGP teammates at KeiiNo to perform a new song for the trio, “Venus”. The VG reviewer rolled out four, but it pointed out The performance wasn’t as catchy as Tomri’s vocals.

Quiet Dance: As a final song, Tomrey performed an abstract version of Whitney Houston’s classic “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”


In the second round, the finalists stood on their own two feet. Tomrin sang an abstract version of Whitney Houston’s classic “I Want To Dance With Someone,” to a new five on dice.

Rotan responded with a powerful version of John Farham’s great song “You’re the Voice”. It secured the first five evenings of Eidsvollsjenta – and singing from the audience.

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