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It can give higher prices for graphics cards.

Now more graphics cards are profitable

Nvidia’s “memory barrier” has been broken, about a year after it was introduced.

NiceHash Company Reports They succeeded in unlocking 100 percent of the mining performance of their so-called LHR graphics card from Nvidia. They made the necessary software available for download for Windows users, and several of them have already confirmed the news. The creators of the mining software NBMiner have also reported that they have broken the barrier for Linux users.

The news means that many RTX 30 series graphics cards will now be more or less profitable to mine cryptocurrency with.

The move could further increase price pressure, after graphics card prices in recent months have indicated a decline for the first time since the current generation of cards launched in the fall of 2020.

Currently, it will only be to redeem Ethereum, through the so-called DaggerHashimoto Ethash algorithm that will be unlocked, but this in turn is the most common where the most profitability is located.

In the table below, you can see the mining performance that Nvidia’s LHR cards can achieve now that their mining barrier has been removed.

The RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 10GB LHR now achieve the same speed as the first edition of these cards sold without active LHRs.

It’s been about a year since Nvidia almost completely replaced the RTX 30 series with similar models with a memory latch, then dubbed the RTX 30 LHR. The term LHR stands for “lite hash rate” and thus indicates that graphics cards have lowered the so-called “hash rate” or mining performance. Gaming performance was never affected, but many graphics card customers indicated that they paid for a graphics card that could no longer give them “side income” when they weren’t playing.

Nvidia’s reason for introducing the memory barrier in the RTX 30 series was to give more gamers the chance to have it. Since its launch, many cards have been taken over by people who just wanted to use them to mine cryptocurrency and earn money, instead of playing games. This contributed to the cards being difficult to obtain, and they often sold for two to three times the high prices at launch.

Now that the mining barrier has been broken, miners with access to their first RTX 30 cards without the LHR tag can expect lower earnings like many LHR . card I unleash the full potential of these and use them in my work. More miners mean that the reward will be distributed to more people, and the higher the hash rate directed towards the ethereum network, the lower the value of that reward.

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As of June, it was planned that it would not be possible to mine Ethereum using graphics cards, but in April it became known that Ethereum mining will continue into the fall.

This fall, Nvidia will likely be planning to introduce a whole new generation of graphics cards. Time will tell if this chain also needs a mining barrier to prevent it from disappearing into miners’ machines, and whether Nvidia should adjust its barrier so that the scam doesn’t work today.

Nvidia certainly has the opportunity to do so, because no one has yet succeeded in opening Nvidia’s last memory barrier, often referred to as “LHRv3”. We find this in the 12GB RTX 3080 that was released this winter as well as the RTX 3050.

This winter, Nvidia was hacked, and a lot of data about the company’s graphics cards and systems were leaked. It is not known if this can be linked to the fact that the mining barrier has now been broken by two actors.

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